Love: This is how fragrances increase our attraction to others

In this way, fragrances increase our attraction to others

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When it comes to love and partnership, our nose has a big say – even more than we think! So pleasant smells like to drive us crazy and that is exactly what you can take advantage of.

“I can smell you good!” – The popular saying can be taken literally, because there is more to it than many suspect. If you meet a nice smelling man or a freshly scented woman on your first date, that’s half the battle, isn’t it? In fact, there is something to it: in a study by Scentbird, 66 percent of men said that a woman who smells good is sexier than one who is well dressed. Above all, a “flowery” scent rises positively into the nose of men. On the other hand, women love “fresh” and “woody” notes in men.

Love goes through your nose

There is a good reason that smells increase attraction: our nose has a direct line to the emotion and memory center in the brain. When we perceive something that we like with our sense of smell, the reward system in the brain releases the happiness hormone dopamine. This means that when we fall in love, olfactory instincts like to take control and influence whether we find our counterpart attractive.

May I sniff you?

Show me how you smell and I’ll tell you if we go together. From a scientific point of view, the body’s own smell also has an effect on whether two people are compatible. Sex researchers assume that women and men should find smells attractive from people who have genes that are as opposed to one another as possible. From a purely evolutionary point of view, this is advantageous for healthy offspring. There are even extra pheromone parties at which the guests can sniff the potential: n partner: in, so to speak, based on the body odor. No joke!

Bye bye, tobacco smoke!

If wonderful scents increase the attraction, then unpleasant smells unfortunately have the opposite effect. A popular example: the smell of cigarettes. For many people a real “turn off” – especially when kissing. Unfortunately, spicy mint chewing gum does not help against the bitter taste in the mouth. If you still don’t want to give up smoking, you can take an alternative and do something good for yourself and your partner. For example with the tobacco heater “IQOS”. The advantage: With IQOS, the tobacco is not burned, but only heated. In contrast to lighting a cigarette, there is no combustion process and there is no smell of fire, ashes or cigarettes. Because in the end love should be in the air and not thick cigarette smoke.

Source used: Scentbird,, Plante Wissen