Lubricant test 2021: These 8 lubricants can convince

The lubricant test reveals: which one is good for something? What is the best way to use lubricant gel and does it still have hidden talents? GALA has made itself smart for you.

Whether alone or with your partner: Lubricant is a popular helper when it comes to smoothly having fun during sex. We found out which benefits the use can bring and which products are recommended for the lubricant test.

Lubricant test: everything you need to know about the popular tool

In addition to the question of which lubricant is the best, we also dealt with common questions during the lubricant test. The main focus is on the ingredients and the choice between water, oil or silicone-based products. So let’s start with this question.

Water, silicone and oil-based lubricants: these are the differences that make them stand out

There are basically three different types of lubricant: water-based, silicone-based and oil-based. This results in different areas of application and conditions. The most important thing is: Anyone who uses a condom to use contraception during sex should keep their hands off oil-based lubricants. This could attack the latex. The risk of the condom being damaged or even tearing increases – not a good idea. The combination of lubricant and (latex) sex toys can also be problematic for this reason.

The advantages and disadvantages of the individual lubricants at a glance:

  • Water-based products are the most common lubricants and also the favorites in the lubricant test: Main argument: You are right inexpensive. The disadvantage: their effect quickly wears off; you may have to top it up again.
  • An oil-based lubricant keeps its effect longer as a water-based product, but – as already mentioned – is not compatible with the use of a condom. Your sex toys can also be damaged over time if they are made of latex or similar materials.
  • Lubricating gels with oil are particularly suitable good for massages, for which lubricants are often misused.
  • Lubricants with silicone ensure the desired gliding ability longer, but are priced a little higher.
  • The silicone-based products get along with condoms and Co.

The best water-based lubricants

The range of water-based lubricants is enormous. Whether in the drugstore, pharmacy or large online retailer – you can find the right product for every taste and every need. We can recommend these in our lubricant test:

the “Ritex” brand offers a large selection on various water-based lubricants. Among other things, corresponding products are available Aloe vera for sensible skin or in vegan organic quality to select.

A well-known and popular brand is “Durex”. A plus point of the lubricants from the Durex range: They are usually not only designed from the start as lubricants, but also as massage oils. The lubricant “Play 2in1 massage & lubricating gel aloe vera” can also be combined with condoms and sex toys thanks to its water-based nature.

Who, in addition to good gliding abilities, also has one delicate fragrance as well as taste welcomed, can be im extensive range of lubricants from the manufacturer “Waterglide” choose the right grade. From the “classic” “Sweet Strawberry” above “Guarana” and “Fresh Watermelon” until “Vanilla Icecream” – the selection has something for every nose and every palate. But “purists” are also included odorless variants find it. The lubricant “Waterglide Natural Feeling” was for example from “Original Dermatest” awarded the grade “very good” in 2019.

The best oil-based lubricants

The selection of oil-based lubricants is much more limited, but not hopeless. If you do without condoms and latex toys anyway, you can get products from the company “Yes” turn to our lubricant test.

The best silicone-based lubricants

Anyone who benefits from the silicone-containing Lubricants is convinced, you may have to invest a little more money, but ideally you will get in return Lubricant gel with two positive properties: Unlike a water-based lubricant gel, a “silicone lubricant gel” no preservatives – this will especially please people who are intolerant or at least sensitive to preservatives. Second positive characteristic: unlike the oil-based lubricant vThe silicone version can be used with condoms and sex toys made of latex. So lubricating gels with silicone combine two advantages that you would otherwise have to choose between. In our lubricant test, these are the favorites with a silicone base:

In the area of ​​silicone-based lubricants, the big names are once again playing a role. From “Ritex” there is, for example, the lubricant with the name “Longtime”that advertises with extra long moisture and a correspondingly long pleasure.

Just Silicone-based lubricants are particularly suitable for anal intercourse and so there is a large selection of corresponding products from the company “pjur”. The series “Back Door” has different designs that ensure long-lasting gliding ability.

With the “Perfect Glide” Durex also made it into our lubricant test with a silicone-based lubricant. Colorless and odorless, the lubricant is suitable for any sexual activity, including anal intercourse.

Wanting to have children and lubricating gel – you have to pay attention to that

If you want to realize your desire to have children, you should do without conventional lubricants. Under certain circumstances, the use of lubricant gel can affect conception. This is because “normal” lubricants are matched to the pH value of the vagina – and thus possibly too acidic for the male sperm. If you still don’t want to do without lubricant, you can special so-called “fertility lubricants” to grab. These have an adjusted pH value and should not stand in the way of pregnancy.

This is particularly popular “Fertility Lube” from Ritex.

How and when is lubricant used correctly?

Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with the right lubricant. Simply put the desired amount of lubricant in your hand and distribute it like a cream on the penis, the sex toy or in the vaginal area. If you are using a water-soluble lubricant that is absorbed more quickly, make sure that you do not apply it “too early” and that it loses its effect too quickly. You can also simply add more later.

How long does lubricant last?

If you use a lubricant during sex, you should take a look at the expiration date beforehand. As usual, there is a note on the packaging stating until when the lubricant can be used. The same applies here: The date only indicates until when the product can be used without it being opened.

From the moment the lubricant is used for the first time, you can generally assume a period of around three months. After that, the lubricant should no longer be used if possible. If necessary, look on the packaging to see whether the manufacturer provides more precise information. If you have opened a lubricant, make sure it is properly stored. Here it is important not to expose the product to excessive heat or direct sunlight. Your bedside table or bathroom cabinet are therefore ideal.

If possible, you should no longer use the lubricant gel beyond the expiration date, as there is a risk of germs or bacteria getting inside the body.

Are Lubricants Harmful?

In short: no. As long as you adhere to the usual hygiene measures and keep an eye on the use-by date, nothing stands in the way of a use for health reasons. Stiftung Warentest also confirmed in a test in 2017 that “all agents in the test (…) are compatible with the mucous membrane and microbiologically flawless. The testers found neither harmful germs nor substances irritating the mucous membrane.” The best conditions for untroubled pleasure!

What do you have to look out for when buying?

There are several things you need to consider when choosing a lubricant that meets your needs. We have summarized these again clearly for our lubricant test.

  1. Operation area: Think about what you want to use the lubricant for beforehand. Above all, should it ensure good suppleness for a long time? Is it intended for anal intercourse? Would you like to use it with a condom? This mainly depends on whether you choose a water- or oil-based lubricant.
  2. Skin tolerance: Similar to cosmetic products that you apply to the skin, lubricants must also be compatible. If you have very sensitive skin, for example, you should use a lubricant gel without many additives if possible.
  3. Extra pleasure: If the lubricant gel should also cause excitement during the act of love, there are special gels that are supposed to have a warming or cooling effect.

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