OVE mask, launched in June 2021: the alliance of Lucibel expertise and design

Since 2014, the Lucibel group has been marketing, via its cosmetics subsidiary Lucibelle Paris, innovative solutions to treat wrinkles and stretch marks. These devices are based on a non-invasive, painless and very efficient aesthetic technique that uses red LED light, with a wavelength of 630 nm, to stimulate cells according to the principle of photobiomodulation.

In June 2021, Lucibelle Paris marketed a beauty mask with a contemporary design signed Olivier Lapidus and incorporating the latest technological innovations developed by the Lucibel group.

OVE responds to an ambitious strategy: to offer an even simpler and more efficient experience for visible and lasting effects on the skin.

With specific light intensities adapted to the different areas of the face, the OVE mask makes it possible to precisely target the areas to be treated, which reinforces its effectiveness.

OVE beauty mask: very positive clinical study results

Lucibel commissioned the GREDECO laboratory in July 2021 to carry out an independent clinical study on the effectiveness of its OVE beauty mask.

The study was carried out on subjects aged 45 to 70, over a period of 3 months, with two 12-minute sessions per week spaced 72 hours apart. The laboratory carried out measurements every month for the duration of the protocol.

This clinical study, carried out on 20 volunteers (15 women and 5 men) highlights the excellent dermatological tolerance and anti-aging effectiveness of the OVE mask on the face after 1, 2 and 3 months of use.

From the first month of use (D28), a significant improvement in the following parameters is observed:

  • 15.6% decrease in the depth of crow’s feet wrinkles;

  • reduction of 5.4% in the clinical score for relaxation of the oval of the face and of 13.6% in the R0 value, reflecting a firming effect;

  • 26.4% increase in dermal density measured by ultrasound;

  • reduction of 6.8% in the roughness of the cheek and 28.5% in the diameter of the pores, attesting to a smoothing effect;

  • 34.9% decrease in the amount of sebum.

After 2 months of use (D56), an additional improvement of the previous parameters was observed. A significant increase of 12.5% ​​in the elasticity of the skin, measured by the R5 value, and of 32.7% in the homogeneity of the complexion, measured by chromametry, were also observed.

After 3 months of use (D84), the study concludes with an improvement in all the parameters analyzed compared to the values ​​obtained at D56.

The table below presents the summary of the results obtained on the entire panel as the protocol progresses:

Parameters measured

After 28 days of use

After 56 days of use

After 84 days of use

Crow’s feet wrinkle depth




Oval relaxation score




Firmness R0




Elasticity R5




Dermis density




Cheek roughness, smoothing




Pore ​​diameter




Complexion homogeneity




Sebum rate




Number of porphyrins




Lucibelle Paris, promising prospects

The very positive conclusions of this clinical study attest to the effectiveness of Lucibelle Paris solutions and confirm the high level of expertise achieved by the Lucibel group in the field of light-based cosmetics.

Through the scientific credibility it brings, this study will enable the Lucibel group to strengthen its reputation with an increasingly large clientele, thus opening up very promising prospects for this activity.

Even before the publication of this clinical study, the OVE beauty mask had aroused strong interest from DIOR, as indicated in the press release of December 3, 2021.

The Lucibel group, which plans to market new cosmetic products in 2022, complementary to the existing range, anticipates strong growth in its cosmetics business from 2022.

About Lucibel Group

Founded in 2008 by Frédéric Granotier, the Lucibel group designs and manufactures new generation lighting products and solutions in France using LED technology. The group is a pioneer in new applications made possible by LEDs beyond lighting, such as Internet access through light (LiFi), Cronos (lighting fixture that restores the benefits of natural light indoors) or even Lucibelle Paris, a range of cosmetic solutions using LED technology. Lucibel is listed on Euronext Growth.

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