Lucie Lucas (Clem): sick, her husband is in quarantine: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

It's a Lucie Lucas fulfilled and well in his boots which opened the doors of his paradise to the teams of 50 minutes inside. In the report broadcast on Saturday May 23, 2020 on TF1, the 34-year-old actress widely spoke of her commitment to ecology. While a few years ago, she could lose up to 5,000 subscribers to each of her publications on the subject, she notices a real change. "Rather the opposite is happening now so it's really encouraging", she said with a smile on her face. Accompanied by her three children, she wanted her husband Adrien, is also present in this report. With him, Lucie Lucas shares the same philosophy of life. "I'm a little sorry because my darling love, my husband, is sick. He is therefore in bed, in quarantine. As it is not clear what he has, he is placed in quarantine in a room of the house", she declared while wanting to be reassuring.

Lucie Lucas did not suffer from confinement at all

So it was only on her own that she visited her estate and revealed what her little family had started a year ago. "We want to create an eco-village. A small autonomous city in the heart of our domain which would be dedicated to organic products, alternative medicine and manual work"So she took advantage of the confinement to advance in this ambitious project. Unlike many French people, she did not suffer at all from this situation. Surrounded by her loved ones, she was able to take advantage of its hectares of garden and ensures that it is in such moments that she regrets even less to have chosen to leave Paris for the province. But may her fans be reassured, even if she no longer lives in the capital, she will continue to film, especially in Clem.

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