Lucile (Love is in the meadow): her secrets about her marriage to Jérôme in the summer of 2022

Lucile and Jérôme fell in love with each other in front of the cameras of Love is in the meadow. Now parents of Capucine, they are about to get married. A new stage in the life of the couple who decided to love each other at high speed…

Between Jérôme, the Lyonnais market gardener, and Lucile, Spa manager, it’s mad love. Their meeting filmed by the cameras of Love is in the meadow softened the Internet users who could only see thatthey had just witnessed a thunderbolt. If some imagined that the story would be a flash in the pan, having fun with the great declarations of the farmer and his beautiful when they barely knew each other, life proved them wrong. Once the cameras are gone, Lucile moved to the farm never to leave again. She is now working next to her man and the couple very quickly decided to live together the most beautiful of commitments, to have a child. In autumn, Lucile gave birth to a little girl, beautifully named Capucine.

For Jérôme and Lucile, happiness doesn’t wait

For the happy parents this is only the beginning of their adventure. A few weeks ago, the bearded man asked for the hand of his beauty, and she obviously said yes. In a question and answer session in Instagram story on January 19, the lovely young woman gave more details about the marriage and indicated thatshe will start trying on her dress in a few weeks. She specifies amused “But there will surely be several touch-ups if I reach my weight goals “. Dress fittings already? And yes because as Capucine’s mother reveals the wedding will take place this summer!

Why so fast? a surfer wonders. “Quick it’s not our point of view replies Lucile Why wait especially? Wait for what ? We have everything we dreamed of. The love is there with the evidence that we found the soul mate. Our parents are still alive and fit to participate in this memorable day. We can’t wait to unite. ” And the young mother to add ” We are of those who crunch life to the fullest, happiness is now! And for a long time hope their admirers.

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