Ludwig Trepte: The actor's father died unexpectedly

Stephan Trepte celebrated his 70th birthday three days ago. His son Ludwig surprisingly announced the death of the rock singer.

Heavy stroke of fate for actor Ludwig Trepte (32, "Germany 83"): His father, the rock musician Stephan Trepte ("My Heart Should Be A Water"), died unexpectedly after he turned 70 on Monday (July 20) Had celebrated her birthday. On Instagram, Trepte now shared an emotional farewell message to his "beloved dad".

"Now you're gone, just left without saying goodbye. Quiet and secret and my heart is overflowing," wrote the 32-year-old on the social media platform for a video that Stephan Trepte performed on stage shows. Together, father and son would have celebrated their milestone birthday just a few days ago, on Friday both should have gone on vacation with the grandchildren. "You were so looking forward to the trip," the actor continued.

He was "the best father in the world"

In his post, Trepte described his father as "my idol, my friend, my beloved dad" and emphasized how "incredibly proud" he was of the artist who was born in Saxony in 1950. In addition to a "gifted singer full of emotions", Trepte was "the best father in the world", "from whom I learned and learned one thing above all. Unconditional love." "You will be missing, my dad, my hero. Quiet and rock in peace. Your son," wrote the "Tannbach – Destiny of a Village" actor at the end of his emotional lines.

Stephan Trepte began his music career around 1966 when he was still working full time as a mechanical engineer. In 1977 he became part of the Magdeburg band Reform, with which he released three albums until 1986. Ludwig Trepte, one of his four sons, was seen for the first time in a TV production at the age of twelve. In 2008 he received the Grimme Prize for the television film "Guten Morgen, Herr Grothe". He is also known for the productions "Our Mothers, Our Fathers", "Germany 86" and several "Tatort" episodes.