Many people want this iPhone, but no one will get it

This iPhone looks so amazing and yet nobody will get it because Apple will probably never build it. It’s a shame, but the reasons are actually plausible.

nostalgia can make us happy in its beautiful form. How happy we are to think back to the “good old days” – of course, this also applies to our experience with technical products. Many Apple users think back to the iPhone 4 with a smile. For quite a few, it is still the most beautiful Apple cell phone ever built.

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Apple has since found its way back to the angular shape of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, but this is not enough for real retro fans. They might prefer a direct one New edition of the iPhone 4 on the current technical state of affairs.

First, let’s take a look at the original from Apple:

IPhone 4 Rebirth: Just WOW!

Like one reborn iPhone 4 The makers behind Concept Creator are now demonstrating in collaboration with the Dutch website “LetsGoDigital”. You have to look twice to discover the differences to the original from 2010. Also because the dimensions should be more or less identical – damn compact, even more than the iPhone 12 mini. or its current successor.

Image: Concept Creator and LetsGoDigital

To the Differed. First there is the display. The smaller 3.5-inch screen has to give way. Instead, the entire front surface is now used by one full format display covered. Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) and front camera find themselves hidden under the screen. This is no longer science fiction, because both technologies already exist and are being sold. In-display fingerprint sensors are already part of good form on many Android smartphones and the ZTE Axon 20 hides the selfie camera under the display – so everything is fine.

Needless to say, this reborn iPhone 4 features a Lightning connector and no longer has the original 30-pin connector. Likewise, the rear camera in terms of performance, but it remains with a single lens – due to the clear design.

Unfortunately, unfortunately: just a concept

Wouldn’t it be great if Apple adopted this retro phone suggestion right away, wouldn’t it? But that will not happen, not only because there is no more space in Apple’s plans for the next two years. The reasons are much more obvious:

  • With the iPhone 13 mini Apple already has a cell phone on offer, which perfectly closes the gap of a compact smartphone.
  • As previous sales figures show, these are Contrary to expectations, compact smartphones are not so popular with iPhone customers. The possible sales figures would remain manageable and do not justify such an experiment.
  • It Ist and remains just a concept, a wishful thinking. Apple has never allowed itself to be misled by this.

In short: Apple will not and does not have to dare. The reborn iPhone 4 will remain a fantasy well into the future. But hey, we still have fond memories of the original.

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