Maren Wolf: She survived the birth well

YouTuber Maren Wolf has brought the good news: she published the first picture of her son in an Instagram story.

YouTuber and influencer couple Maren and Tobias Wolf have become parents. The couple shared a picture of the offspring with their fans in an Instagram story. "We did it. Maren Wolf, you are the best," wrote Tobias Wolf about his photo of his son sleeping peacefully on his stomach. Maren Wolf also published a picture from the hospital where she is holding her baby in her arms. She also wrote her son's name: Lyan River.

Wolf had already revealed the baby name in an Instagram post in March. Last Sunday, the YouTuber went to the hospital and has since kept her followers up to date on the status of the birth. The calculated date of birth was August 14th, so the couple had to wait almost two weeks longer for their son.