“Martyrs and Heroes”: Taliban pay tribute to suicide bombers

“Martyrs and Heroes”
Taliban pay tribute to suicide bombers

Attacks have continued and the number of victims has risen since the Taliban came to power. Now the appointed Minister of the Interior, Hakkani, pays tribute to those supporters who lose their lives in suicide bombings. He calls them heroes and donates to bereaved families.

The radical Islamic Taliban paid tribute to suicide bombers who lost their lives fighting the overthrown Afghan government and its Western allies. The families of the assassins, known as martyrs, were given around $ 100 in cash, clothing, and land ownership promises, according to the Home Office.

The incumbent Interior Minister Siradschuddin Hakkani met with bereaved relatives in a hotel in Kabul. “In his speech, the minister praised jihad and the victims of the martyrs and mujahideen and called them heroes of Islam and the country.” Hakkani’s face was obscured in official photos from the encounter.

Close allies of the Taliban

The US has classified him as a leading terrorist and has put a $ 10 million bounty on him. Hakkani had taken over the leadership of the Hakkani network named after the family from his father Jalaluddin – a militant group that is closely linked to the Taliban.

She is blamed by Western intelligence agencies for some of the worst suicide attacks in Afghanistan during the war. The FBI is investigating Hakkani in connection with an attack on a hotel in the Afghan capital Kabul, in which six people were killed in 2008, including one US citizen.

Since the Taliban took power in the country in mid-August, there have been several attacks by the so-called Islamic State on mosques and other institutions. Hundreds of civilians were killed. The IS militia competes with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

An international conference in Moscow was supposed to discuss the tense situation in the country. Representatives of the Taliban take part in it, but not the United States. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov regretted the US absence. They explained the decision with technical reasons, but assured them that they would take part in future Afghanistan conferences.

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