Marvel’s Midnight Suns: the 4 characters of the Season Pass made official, Hulk on the run and a new live from the developers to review

Since last week, Marvel’s Midnight Suns took on the colors of Dead Poolwhich took over the game’s social networks and even redecorated the official site, with the stated objective of integrating the roster of this super-heroic team that will have to fight Lilith in the base game scenario. This smart guy has thus “leaked” Storm, Venom and Morbiusmaking us understand that it should be characters in DLCs. Well, it is indeed the case and it will be the fourth thief of these paid additions gathered withina Season Pass whose existence we already knew, who therefore had the right to his video.

It is obviously with humor that the friend Dead Pool therefore announced the news, with a beautiful visual. It will be necessary to wait until the beginning of the year 2023 before the four packs are successively availablewhich in addition to these new heroes will each include new main missions, an improvement for theAbbey and skins and additional outfits.

  • DLC 1 – New Hero: Deadpool

Mercenary with a (too) good tongue, but with a heart of gold, Deadpool has a penchant for excessive violence and light jokes which often tend to break the fourth wall.

  • DLC 2 – New Hero: Venom

Sworn enemy of Spider-Man and boss of the game, Venom now becomes a hero that you can embody in DLC 2, and has all the symbiote attacks that he was previously able to use against the Midnight Suns.

  • DLC 3 – New Hero: Morbius

One of the original Midnight Sons in the comics, Morbius is an accomplished biochemist who, while trying to find a cure for his very rare blood disease, turned into a living vampire.

  • DLC 4 – New hero: Tornado

A prominent member of the X-Men, Tornado is a mutant possessing the power to generate and control wind, lightning, rain, and various other types of weather elements, bending them entirely to her will.

A Legendary Premium Pack is also included in the Season Passgiving access to 23 premium skins.

  • Blade – Blade 1602 and Demon Hunter
  • Captain America – Captain of the Guard and Soldier of the Future
  • Captain Marvel – Mar-Vell and Medieval Marvel
  • Doctor Strange – Strange Futurist Supreme
  • Ghost Rider – Doom Knight and Spirit of Vengeance
  • Iron Man – Bleeding Edge and Iron Knight
  • Magik – New Mutants and Phoenix 5
  • Nico Minoru – Shadow Witch and Sister Grimm
  • The Scarlet Witch – Head Witch and Fallen Scarlet Witch
  • Spider-Man – Demonic Spider and Symbiotic Suit
  • Wolverine – Logan and X-Force
  • (Unannounced hero) – 2 additional skins

But who could this famous unannounced character be? Well, it’s hard to play the surprise card, especially after seeing the trailer released last June, sinceit should be Hulk. The website Game Mania would indeed have indicated the name of the two bonus skins in the description of the edition Legendarybefore deleting everything. We would therefore be entitled to fallen hulk skins and Maestro.

In addition, a live broadcast was broadcast last night, after which the trailer for the Season Passwith numerous passages of gameplay unpublished in the presence of the developers.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is as a reminder expected on December 2 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, then on PS4, Xbox One and Switch in the future. An animated prequel will air next Monday, October 31. You can pre-order a physical copy on Amazon from €54.99.

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