Mauna Kea Technologies: turnover up 77% in the 2nd quarter


(AOF) – Mauna Kea Technologies announced second-quarter 2023 revenue growth of 77% year-on-year, supported by sales in the United States and by licensing revenue from the joint venture with Tasly Pharmaceutical. Inventor of Cellvizio, the multidisciplinary probe and needle laser confocal endomicroscopy (p/nCLE) platform reports accelerating growth to 50% in the field of PU (“pay-per-use”), “benefiting from increased use and new users” and continued buoyant activity in Clinical Development”.

“Following on from the very good results of the first quarter, we are very satisfied with our commercial performance in the second quarter, supported by a remarkable momentum in sales in the United States for both systems and consumables, and also our PPU (pay-per-use) program, despite the persistent problems with the supply of fluorescein” declared Sacha Loiseau, Ph.D., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mauna Kea Technologies.

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