Meghan Markle and Harry: their son Archie, an already talkative baby! : Current Woman Le MAG


How not to crack in front of the boils and the adorable attitudes of Archie, the son of Meghan Markle and Harry, who despite the British royal considerations has everything of a little prince? Since their installation in Los Angeles, a stone's throw from Doria Raglan, Meghan's mother, Archie has never ceased to flourish. Prince Charles' grandson is a very energetic child, open to the world around him, extremely alert, as a source close to the family explained to US Weekly : "He is very interested in his environment and does not hesitate to interact with people. He likes to be entertained."

A New American Life for Archie and His Parents


The Sussexes, who for some time have been blowing after months of formal pressures and especially from the English tabloids, are rediscovering the simple pleasures of life. And Archie, relaxed, seems to have perfectly adapted to this new life, far from royal obligations as a friend of the couple said: "It is not a baby in need. He will go with pleasure to Harry and Meghan's friends, without making any noise. " Harry and Meghan take it upon themselves to take care of everything related to the awakening and daily life of Archie : games, outings, walks, reading … And it's a success! A close relative of the couple confided withUS Weekly : "He is a strong baby and we can say that he is super intelligent, He can sit without support and turn around. He's almost crawling. He can't speak, but he tries. "And it looks like the test is about to be validated! Effect of containment? Super baby Archie would have said his first words at the end of spring, to the delight of his illustrious parents: "He says a few words, like Papa, Mama, book and dog ".

A united family despite complicated relationships with the ancestors

No doubt that at the height of his 13 months, Archie has not finished making his parents and grandparents gaga. Alas, in addition to Thomas Markle, his maternal grandfather with whom the break now seems consummated, prince charles obviously deplores this distance across the Atlantic : "I do Facetime, everything is fine, but it remains sad. I miss seeing them for real and not being able to cuddle them … ". Cross your fingers and bet everything on Archie, who will obviously be the charming asset to unite the family again.

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