Meghan Markle venal? “The title of prince and princess sounds good in the United States”

LONG FORMAT – Two weeks after Charles became Charles III, behind the scenes what is called the “Titlegate” is gaining momentum. At the center of the case, the question of whether the children of Meghan and Harry will be entitled to the title of prince and princess.

It’s the case that has rocked the British media since Charles made William and Kate the new Prince and Princess of Wales. Are Archie and Lilibet going to become prince and princess as the founding text of George V of 1917 allows. This text allows it but it is not automatic. And King Charles III is waiting

The official Royal Family website has been updated, but no change for the Sussexes. they are indeed still listed on the Royal Family website as Master Archie Mountbatten-Windsor and Miss Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor. While George and Charlotte have become “From Wales”.

Therefore two theories are opposed: those who affirm that discussions will take place once the time of mourning has passed and that perhaps Charles will negotiate with Harry to define the title of his children. A compromise would be possible: allow Harry and Meghan to use the title of prince, but not that of HRH (royal highness). A way not to cut ties with the Sussexes. This is what happened to Diana and Sarah Ferguson after their divorce recalls the DailyMail.

And those like Katie Nicoll from Vanity Fair US who thinks and writes that the king is waiting to see if he can have trust in Meghan and Harrya confidence largely damaged since the Sussexes had very negative words towards the royal family, in particular with Oprah Winfrey and more recently for the magazine The Cut. And therefore that the king could wait several months and in particular the release of Harry’s biography book.

Charles under pressure, his decision will be scrutinized

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So what will the king do? If he does not make this gesture towards his grandchildren, he could be blamed for it. Some might indeed recall Meghan’s words implying that the skin color of his children was a question for the Firm and for Prince Charles himself…

In the media, it would be seen as a punishment and a fault of an insensitive grandfather who makes differences between his grandchildren. Denying the title of prince to Archie, the grandson of Diana the Princess of Hearts, and the son of a mixed-race woman would be frowned upon as several Commonwealth countries reflect on their future reminds the site buzzfeed.

Meghan Markle determined: Sussex money at stake

In an interview in 2020, Meghan explained her disappointment, regretting that her son did not have the right to the protection that the title of prince brings. When Archie and Lilibet were born, they were too far down the line to receive the titles of prince and princess, due to the rules of King George V in 1917.
But the Queen’s death means they are now the monarch’s grandchildren, rather than great-grandchildren, and entitled to be called Prince and Princess and use HRH.

So a family issue as much as a political one for King Charles who has to face pressure from the Sussexes. “Harry and Meghan should be delighted because using the prince or princess sounds good in the United States” adds, treacherous expert Phil Dampier, suggesting that this honorary title would serve the business of Meghan and Harry financially independent of the royal family since 2021. with Netflix or his biography does not come to fall because he would then be cornered financially.

Being in or out of the Firm – What do Harry and Meghan really want?

But royal experts point out that Meghan and Harry have chosen to leave the royal family and no longer have an active role. When they left Britain, they lost their title, which is equivalent to active work within the family. And explained when Archie was born that they wanted to live away from the royal family, so as not to experience the suffering that Harry had to undergo when he was a little boy. But since this intervention, no other speech to know if they remained on this course of action.

Nevertheless, within the royal family, there are precedents. Thus the children of Prince Edward and Sophie of Wessex Louise and James do not have the title of prince and princess, and this at the request of their parents who wish to raise them as discreetly as possible.

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