Michael Wendler & Laura Müller: laughter for this pool photo

Michael Wendler and Laura Müller are totally happy. Finally back in their own four walls in Florida, the first thing they do is jump into the in-house pool. The lovebirds beam happily into the camera. Wendler clenches his fist happily and it seems as if he is shouting at his fans: "Greetings to Germany!"

However, the followers are not so keen on the greetings from the Wendler. Rather, they pay attention to an unmistakable "detail" – the unmistakable weight gain of the pop singer!

"My God. Mr. Wendler they have increased extremely. I can only see that in this photo. Apparently Laura is cooking very well," an Instagram user tries to explain the reasons for the extra pounds. "You've grown quite a bit," says another user. A fan will give the "She loves the DJ" artist advice. "From now on, Michael, no chocolate." Will the musician succeed? Michael Wendler has gained a total of 14 kilograms in the past twelve months, so doing without chocolate would be a small start at least once …

This article originally appeared on Gala.de.