Michel Cymès: his rant after an identity theft: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Michel Cymès is angry. A few weeks ago, through his lawyer Florence Watrin, the facilitator and doctor ranted against advertisements "unauthorized and misleading, possibly dangerous to health". These mass publications on social networks had the particularity of using its image to deceive Internet users, even fans of Michel Cymès. "The public is called to exercise the utmost vigilance with regard to this type of advertising and not to act on it", was it stated in the lawyer’s press release.

Proof that the story is not really settled, the former accomplice of Marina Carrère d'Encausse sparked a new anger in the show True or fake, presented by Julien Pain and broadcast on Franceinfo."I am not associated in any way with this advertisement which is a real scam, with identity theft because in addition we use my name and my photo to make people believe that I'm the one who answers people who ask questions, " recalled Michel Cymès. Then tell about his interactions with Facebook.

"A regulatory problem"denounced by Michel Cymès

For the host who officiates on France Télévisions, there is a significant problem on Facebook. "They must have blocked the messages, but since they blocked them, more and more are visible, " he assured. And to add: "They have a regulatory problem." For Michel Cymès, there is an urgent need for Facebook to monitor these publications … "It is time they woke up", he concluded. As a reminder, Laurence Boccolini had also pushed a huge rant against Facebook because her image had once again been used without her agreement to promote slimming products. The host had rebelled especially since some of her fans had been abused by this ploy.

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