Michelle: Former Wendler manager signs you

Former Wendler manager signs her

Michelle during an appearance in 2019

© imago images / Jan Huebner

Markus Krampe ended his collaboration with Michael Wendler last year. Now he's Michelle's new manager.

Pop star Michelle (48, "Different is good") has a new manager. Markus Krampe, the former manager of Michael Wendler (48), will accompany the singer's career in the future. In an interview with "Bild", the 38-year-old explains why she chose Krampe.

"I trust him 100 percent"

She has known Krampe for a long time and "have held many events with him and his team and excited many people together. He is the right person for me." This became clear to her "after the whole Wendler story". The matter was "definitely anything but easy for a manager," says Michelle. Krampe managed to "do everything so well" and therefore he could "only be absolutely the right path for her. I trust him 100 percent and we have unbelievable plans".

Krampe also speaks up. When Michelle spoke to him, he "didn't have to think twice". He is looking forward to "preparing the singer's 30th stage anniversary and making it 'Michelle year' in 2022". The artist's new manager ended his collaboration with Michael Wendler last November. Krampe had then stated on "Sat.1 breakfast television" that the previous weeks had been "the most stressful time" in his managerial career. About a possible renewed collaboration with Wendler, Krampe said: "You should never say never." But he thinks it won't come to that.