Microsoft Edge is testing a feature to track your favorite Youtubers

Edge goes further in its integration of YouTube-related features. Microsoft’s browser has started testing an option to follow some of your favorite Youtubers directly from the address bar.

Edge wants to make it even easier to follow your favorite YouTube videographers

Edge wants to make it even easier to follow your favorite YouTube videographers // Source: Microsoft

How far will Edge go? Always more complete, sometimes too much, Microsoft’s browser recently started testing a new feature related to YouTube. Discovered by a Reddit user in the latest version of Edge Canary, this new feature aims to make it even easier for you to follow your favorite content creators on YouTube. To do this, it appears as an icon to the right of the address bar, visibly dynamically when you visit Google’s video platform.

Although rudimentary and tested with a small number of users, this new function allows you to follow a new Youtuber in two clicks and add them to a stream in the “Collections” library that Microsoft already offers on Edge. Here you can find the latest content.

The principle of RSS feeds tested by Edge

As specified The Verge, it is possible that Microsoft will start testing these types of functions with YouTube, for convenience, before exploiting them on other platforms and websites. This function recalls in any case the principle of RSS feeds that Google has also used on Chrome, to allow users to consult the latest content from a blog (for example) as soon as they are published.

Source: Reddit-Leopeva64

Source: Reddit-Leopeva64

Regarding Edge, Microsoft is testing its new web tracking feature as part of its “controlled deployments”. Microsoft hasn’t yet given details about a larger-scale deployment of this new browser, but it would be surprising if the firm didn’t give us more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, it will be a question of enriching and perfecting these first bases, before launching this functionality in good and due form… while making it compatible with platforms other than YouTube.

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