Microsoft Flight Simulator: early 2022 roadmap revealed

Asobo Studio hit hard last November with the release of the expansion Reno Air Races of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which brings PvP and a whole new class of ships in the experience. It will resume a more traditional rhythm at the beginning of the year, while waiting for the content related to the film. Top Gun: Maverick.

The Bordeaux developer has just unveiled the roadmap until the end of March 2022, and he has been fairly transparent about what lies ahead. Between weekly updates to accommodate items designed by third parties, we will be entitled to a World Update 7 January 31, which will be presented the same day. It is also on this day that we will be able to buy the second Local Legend, the Fokker FVII, which will also be launched in the wake.

We will then be entitled to a patch for the gameplay and a first Famous Flyer February 22, Antonov AN-2. Finally, at the end of March, we will be able to take advantage of the World 8 Update and a third Local Legend, whose natures will be specified at this time. The schedule until next June will be formalized immediately. The adventure MSF will therefore continue to evolve over time as expected: it is therefore not too late to take the plane in flight by purchasing the title from € 69.99 on

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