Mission: Impossible 7: Tom Cruise builds a corona-free village for filming


Hollywood star Tom Cruise (57) apparently has enough of the corona-related lockdown. As a source of the British tabloid "The Sun", which is not mentioned by name, is supposed to have revealed, the actor wants to get the filming of the new "Mission: Impossible" film "started again quickly and safely". These had to be stopped in Venice at the end of February due to the pandemic.

To ensure the safety of the actors and crew, the 57-year-old wanted to have a corona-free village built on an abandoned site of the British Air Force in Oxfordshire, UK – including caravans for everyone involved. "It is currently difficult to get to hotel rooms because many hotels are closed until further notice," the insider is quoted as saying.


When does it continue?

Actor Simon Pegg (50), who will appear again alongside Cruise in the new action flick, revealed further details to the US industry newspaper "Variety" about the resumption of filming. According to him, it is planned that it will continue in September. Supposedly you want to start with the other outdoor scenes. "That seems doable," said Pegg, who also indicated that certain precautions should be taken. "Mission: Impossible 7" will celebrate its premiere in November 2021.