Moaning During Sex: That's Why Women Really Do It

Do women moan while making love to express their lust? Eh, no. Unfortunately, the truth is different.

Dear men, when it comes to sex you don't have it as easy as you always think. You are expected to be steadfast, then there is the thing with this G-spot that no pig can find and now a study is also shaking your worldview. What study are we talking about? What, you haven't heard? Then please sit down for a moment.

Is that moaning ahhh and ohhh during sex?

You might think that women make pleasurable sounds during sex because they enjoy it. But unfortunately we have to disappoint you men. Sure, it can happen that sex makes us so ecstatic that we get louder than you Lust moan in your ear. A British study by researchers Gayle Brewer and Colin A. Hendrie has shown, however: 91 percent of women actually only moan to push their partner's ego and 87 percent do it to bring sex to the home stretch and to make him Come to move. The favorite series is running, the stomach growls … something is always known.

For most women, moaning isn't the ahhh and ohhh during sex, instead they prefer to let idyllic silence prevail. Okay, I think we all have to let that sink in for now, right?

Phew, what now …?

We'll all stay calm for now, we'd say. Let's take the facts apart critically: We women don't have to feel like the devil personally now. We fool men into making them feel better. First of all it's a nice gesture and also a kind of proof of love. And that we want to promote his orgasm – so what, we just like to see him climb the peak of pleasure. Nevertheless, of course, it makes little sense to constantly fool the loved one – also from an emancipatory point of view (by the way, we are looking forward to a counter-study: Why is HE really groaning?).

What definitely does not work: "Suffer" in silence because the sex is so bad, put your own needs behind and pretend total pleasure, just so that HE feels like the engraver himself. We're not doing ourselves or any man any favors. Alternative suggestion: talk! About wishes and fantasies. And also honestly address what may not be so good. If you find sex better without lustful vowel sounds, then that's just the way it is and dear men: do not count as disinterest! Rather, keep using your energy to find the G-spot. If you can figure it out, there's a real chance the moaning will be real …


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