Moments of disgust that only parents know: Has that really happened right now?


"She had the toilet brush in her mouth!"
Moments of disgust that only parents know

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Well, what was the nastiest thing you've ever seen with your baby? Parents share their moments of disgust – because suffering shared is suffering half …

As a parent you experience things that you would never have dreamed of as a single – positive as well as negative. The spectrum of absurdities and disgust also expands into unimagined dimensions. While red wine stains were previously scrubbed from flat-share carpets, completely different body fluids now adorn the floor and furniture.

Sounds gross? Yes it is. But somehow nature has cleverly arranged that everything is half as bad with your own child.

In the Urbia forum, parents have now collected the most disgusting moments that they have already had to experience with their baby. By the way, the thread was based on the experience of a mom who was sneezed heartily in the face shortly before. And as we all know: a suffering shared is a suffering halved …

With this in mind, we don't want to withhold the most beautiful moments of disgust from you and offer you a small excerpt here. Have fun!

Parents share their moments of disgust with baby

When babies choose to get rid of everything while changing diapers …

"I think the highlight for me was when my two-week-old daughter literally pooped on me in the middle of the night while changing my diaper from a meter away in a high arc from top to bottom plus the floor between us. 💩"

"One of the first diapering experiences at home was that as soon as I had the diaper down, he pooped again like a fountain and before I could hold the diaper in front of it again, he began to pee in a high arc and, because all good things come in threes, spit milk at the same time. That was so crazy that I had to laugh out loud in despair "

Bed, bathtub and toilet? One can confuse that

"The big guy took off everything in bed and did his big business in the duvet."

"Lately he pooped into the bathwater. It's been two years, but one of my top favorites."

"I also thought it was great when he pooped a huge pile into my hand when I tried to lift him naked into the bathtub."

"My son once ran naked in his grandparents' garden, suddenly there were piles everywhere, including on my foot."

And if it doesn't come out at the bottom, then at the top …

"It was great when he slept exclusively on my stomach for the first eight weeks in midsummer, he spat me full pretty much every night. It felt nice from my breast, over my neck, to my neck."

"My daughter once spat in my mouth really nicely."

"Another spitting experience was when I put her on my lower legs to fly in baby yoga and she puked over my t-shirt."

When children develop interesting preferences

"Mine once had the toilet brush in my mouth! 🤢"

"My son likes to drink bath water, puddles, likes to lick everything like posters at bus stops, checkout areas and floors …"