More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday January 27, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Mouss’s authority is put to the test by the high school students, a new family is formed at the Mistral. For their part, will the police accept Bastien’s deal?


Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Bastien makes a pact with the police

At the police station, Bastien reveals to Ariane and Jean-Paul that Elodie was kidnapped by Ruben and his accomplice. He wants the police to save her on the condition that her criminal record remains clean. In exchange, he offers them the possibility of getting their hands on Juan Carillo, whom he suspects of being on his way to Marseille.

The next day, Ruben brings Elodie a present from Juan. This is a dress that she must put on for her arrival.

Meanwhile, Luna and Bastien have no news from the police. They are preparing for the inauguration of the hotel. Mirta is curious how it will be baptized, while Hugo wants to find a place for a portrait of his mother inside.

For her part, Ariane informs Revel that a private jet has landed in Marseilles during the night. In this jet, a so-called team of Colombian professional cyclists. She suspects Juan Carillo of being one of them, undercover. The prosecutor gives him permission to act.

While the Mistralians gather for the inauguration of the hotel, Bastien meets Revel. The latter obtained a repentant status for Elodie. But if Juan Carillo escapes the police, Elodie will not be able to benefit from it.

Dressed in the dress she received as a gift, Elodie welcomes Juan Carillo. She is very uncomfortable when he admits that he missed her a lot…

Thomas and Gabriel move in with the Corcels

As soon as he wakes up, Thomas comes back to Gabriel to convince him to take care of the teenagers. He claims that this will revitalize their couple. Gabriel ends up agreeing. Thomas then announces the good news to Kilian and Lola. They are overjoyed to be able to stay in Marseille.

Thomas then accompanies Roland to the station. The latter goes to Paris to reassure Sophie about the future and the education of her children. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Thomas move in with the Corcels. After which, Lola and Kilian party with their friends at the Mistral bar.

Mouss’ authority is in jeopardy

After seeing Mouss chatting with Jules in a hallway, Rochat criticizes the young CPE for being too close to the students. Faced with the assurance of Mouss, the principal wants that there are no more students late for class or hanging out in the corridors and even fewer overflows in the foyer. Mouss says the situation is under control.

But when he refuses to cover for Betty who is late for her math class, she doesn’t hesitate to write a fake apology herself. And when Noé, Kilian and Jules make too much noise during a game of foosball at the foyer, Mouss realizes that he has no authority over them. Blanche is obliged to take charge of it by raising her voice to restore order.

Back home, Mouss asks Nathan for advice on getting respect from the students. While his colleague suggests that he be intransigent, Mouss persists in thinking that he can handle things differently.

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