Moritz Bleibtreu: He and his girlfriend are coming to the “Faking Hitler” premiere

Moritz Bleibtreu
He and his girlfriend come to the “Faking Hitler” premiere

Moritz Bleibtreu with his partner at the premiere of “Faking Hitler” in Berlin.

© Gerald Matzka / Getty Images

A rare joint appearance: Actor Moritz Bleibtreu came to the premiere of “Faking Hitler” with his girlfriend.

Acting star Moritz Bleibtreu (50) thrilled his fans in Berlin with a special appearance. He appeared with his girlfriend Saskia for the premiere of “Faking Hitler”. The two were photographed holding hands by the photographers present. The 50-year-old only confirmed in October the relationship with the magazine “Bunte”.

This is what “Faking Hitler” is all about

The series “Faking Hitler” deals with the scandal surrounding the forged Hitler diaries in 1983. The six episodes will be aired on RTL + from November 30th. First of all, it says about the format that it is “a fictionalized film adaptation of the events surrounding the publication of the Hitler diaries and deals with currently important topics such as fake news, the trivialization of National Socialism and the seduction of people”.

In addition to the fictitiously told events about reporter Gerd Heidemann and art forger Konrad Kujau – played by Lars Eidinger (45) and Moritz Bleibtreu – the series is mainly about the young editor Elisabeth Stöckel, played by Sinje Irslinger (25).


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