Muffle problem in summer: 5 deodorant mistakes that we almost all make

Does it stink?
5 deodorant mistakes we almost all make

Phew! We sweat quickly, especially in summer – and you can smell it!


Does it smell under the arms despite deodorant? This may be due to the five typical deodorant mistakes that we have almost all made. You can find out which ones are in the video.

Do you use the deodorant immediately after showering? Caution! The first mistake can happen to you! Because in order to achieve optimal results with the help of the deodorant, there are a few things that should be observed. Otherwise its effect can fizzle out pretty quickly. We rely on its antiperspirant function, especially in hot summer temperatures, so that we don’t start to smell after a few hours in the warm office. However, five mistakes in particular are common when applying. You can find out what these are in the video.