“My family, I don’t even know where they are”: Brigitte Bardot evokes her non-existent relations with her family circle

From the top of her 87 years, Brigitte Bardot is on the cover of the last issue of Gala, published on January 6, 2022. The former muse of the 1970s coldly confided that she no longer had contact with her family.

Brigitte Bardot, the free electron. On January 6, 2022, the great animal rights activist makes the cover of Gala in the company of her dog AND The opportunity for the former star yé-yé to talk about her daily life in Saint-Tropez, in the company of her husband Bernard d’Ormale, but also to give her news in the midst of the pandemic. On this subject, Alain Delon’s great friend has not changed her position: she refuses to be vaccinated against Covid-19. “I am allergic to all chemicals”, she confided to our colleagues. Did his family try to talk him out of it? Mystery … Asked about his relationship with his children and grandchildren, Brigitte Bardot did not expand on the subject.

Brigitte Bardot, cold with her family?

As she confided to our colleagues, the creator of the Bardot Foundation received many Christmas gifts … but not from her family. “Not by my family, by strangers who end up being familiar with me because they write to me regularly, send me flowers, chocolates”, she explained. Has she been so generous to those close to her? “I don’t stop! To people alone, sick, old or unhappy”, adds Brigitte Bardot, again ignoring those close to her. “What about your family?” request Gala. And BB to answer: “I don’t even know where she is …”

“I can’t believe that I have great-grandchildren”

However, Brigitte Bardot is the grandmother of two granddaughters, now aged 30 and 35, both living in Norway. A situation that visibly discouraged the 87-year-old activist: “You are funny, it’s already difficult to transmit when we see each other regularly and speak the same language, so there … “ What about his great-grandchildren? For Brigitte Bardot, their existence is above all synonymous with the passing years: “I can’t believe that I have great-grandchildren. Of course I’m 87, but I swear I don’t look like I have them! I don’t have hair white and I’m thin. ” A grandmother not quite ready to become a cake grandmother …

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