Mystery carts in supermarkets: where to find them?

On to the shopping carts! And more particularly to shopping carts from a certain brand, which is offering an exceptional operation which could well give you some welcome savings in this period of inflation.

Who said supermarkets only knew how to make super profits? For some time now, strange videos have been popping up on social networks. On TikTok, some million subscribers were able to recognize these white tiles and these wide walls typical of the large spaces where we do our shopping. More surprisingly, they also saw contemporary elves dressed in strange red sleeveless jackets bearing the brand of a major brand.

The products in their range are held at their fingertips, in shopping carts covered with black plastic film so as not to spoil the surprise. Inside, unsold items (from napkins to small household appliances) worth 50 to 150 euros. Consumers will be able to discover them once the purchase is concluded but the brand behind this operation specifies that it has recently added foodstuffs that comply with the Égalim law in the shopping carts.

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Which supermarket should you go to to take advantage of the operation?

Launched by the supermarket Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) a few months ago already, in October, following the brilliant suggestion of an employee who had seen an American program proposing the concept, this operation which could save you a lot of money has since been followed by dozens of Auchan hypermarkets. In addition to putting an end to waste and allowing unsold items to be sold, it gives consumers the opportunity to make great savings, since the selection of products will be sold around -60% of its original price.

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If supermarkets are now trying to space out these operations as they have been so successful, you can always be on the lookout. In all, for the moment, 45 supermarkets, including those of Bagnolet (Seine-Saint-Denis), Melun (Seine-et-Marne) or Douai (Hauts-de-France), are concerned. The operations are announced a little in advance on the Auchan Facebook pages of stores of your region. Subscribe to it, and keep your eyes peeled!

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