Nadine Menz: This is how she masters the balancing act between family and work

Nadine Menz
This is how she masters the balancing act between family and work

Actress Nadine Menz in “Inga Lindström: Rose Blossoms in the Sand”

© ZDF / Ralf Wilschewski

Actress Nadine Menz has been a mother since 2019. In an interview, she explains how she masters the balancing act between family and job.

Actress Nadine Menz (31) plays the leading role in “Inga Lindström: Rose Blossoms in the Sand” (November 28th, 8:15 pm, ZDF). For the filming, the young mother – her daughter was born in 2019 – was for a while in Sweden. Most recently it was “51 days, 46 performances” long on a theater tour. In an interview with spot on news, she explains how the artist, who has been in a relationship with ex-professional soccer player Sascha Bigalke (31) since 2013 and has also been married to him since 2017, organizes the balancing act between family and work. In addition to the “work-kid balance”, Menz also talks about her fitness program, gives a styling tip for beautiful hair and reveals what goes with it during the Advent season.

You became a mom in June 2019 and last stood on the theater stage for seven weeks. How do you organize the balancing act between family and work?

Nadine Menz: It is definitely a great challenge and responsibility to meet everyone. My husband and I always coordinate very well with one another at an early stage. No job acceptance happens without prior agreement. My parents and in-laws also always help as far as they can and we have great friends who support us.

Have you ever had to listen to wicked mother comments?

Menz: I find this term very judgmental. Nowadays it is perfectly normal for women and also mothers to be employed. The acting profession is no exception, which is why I would be happy if the narrative of the “working bad mother” would no longer be served. Depending on the family and life constellation, as well as the social environment, each person with a child must be clear about their own “work-kid balance”.

You keep your daughter out of the public eye. On Instagram, for example, the little one has a sticker on her face or can only be seen from behind. Why is this important to you?

Menz: My daughter is an independent person and just because her parents are in public, I don’t have the right to make this decision for her. I also want to protect them as best as possible. A child is not a doll or should not be used for marketing purposes.

In the photos that you post of yourself on Instagram, you can often see your dream figure. What are you doing for it?

Menz: The concept of the “dream figure” is a bit out of date, right? Personally, I try to do sport regularly and to eat a balanced diet so that I feel good and healthy. I think it’s important not to be too strict on yourself. If I don’t feel like exercising or just can’t get it down, that’s fine too. Likewise, I wouldn’t forbid myself to have sweets. Therefore, to all readers: What your “dream figure” is, does not determine the others.

You are sure to get asked a lot about your great hair. What is your most important styling tip?

Menz: Comb your hair only when it is wet, let it air dry and use hair oil if it looks strawy. And on a bad hair day, I just do a bun.

“Inga Lindström: Rose Blossoms in the Sand” will be broadcast on the 1st of Advent. Do you like the Advent season? And if so, which tradition should you not be missing?

Menz: Yes, I’m a fan of the run-up to Christmas. Every year I make a self-made Advent calendar for my husband and daughter, which always looks different. Also not to be missed: bake cookies, watch the films “Drei Nüsse für Cschenbrödel” and “Kevin at home” and sing Christmas carols.

The “Inga Lindström” film is set in Hillesund, Sweden. Have you been to Sweden before and how did you like it there?

Menz: Yes, I was in Sweden in 2005 with a youth camp. I liked it both times very much. Sweden is an incredibly diverse country with beautiful nature.

Do you still often get asked about “good times, bad times”? And do you still have contact with colleagues?

Menz: I get asked about it every now and then, mainly by fans. I still have contact. My former fellow actors Rona Özkan and Elena Garcia Gerlach are still very good friends of mine. Actor Philipp Christopher and I are also in regular contact and two friends of mine are make-up artists at “GZSZ”.

Corona has been a topic since the beginning of 2020 and is becoming more and more central from day to day. How do you deal with that?

Menz: I stick to the rules, have been vaccinated and hope that things will return to normal soon.


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