Nagui tackles (very) severely Camilla Parker-Bowles, the wife of Prince Charles: Current Woman The MAG

In his various shows, Nagui has got into the habit of saying whatever comes to his mind. Whether in Do not forget the lyrics or in Everyone wants to take its place, it often gives rise to very funny scenes. The 59-year-old animator is indeed known for his many below-the-belt jokes, which he fully embraces and which make his character so charming. But he also knows how to be very tough. Mélanie Page's husband does not hesitate to knock out his candidates when they turn out to be bad at the game, to weigh on the behavior of his off-air champions, and even to tackle certain celebrities like Jean-Luc Reichmann, Patrice Laffont, or even Jeanne Mas. This time, Nagui decided to go international by tackling … Camilla Parker-Bowles.

You have to dig very far to find your inner beauty … ”

Friday February 5, 2021, on the plateau of Everyone wants to take its place, Nagui got to know Pascal. In front of the cameras France 2, the candidate decided to tell about his experience in the British capital. At the end of the 1980s, he worked as a chef de rang in a French restaurant in London. If he has hosted several “Prestigious clients”, Pascal was marked by the visit of a very special guest: Diana Spencer, the late Princess of Wales. “The first time she came I was really under stress ", remembers the candidate. A feeling that seems to understand perfectly the presenter. “But everyone was in love with Lady Di, he retorts, before recovering: “Except Prince Charles, the only one who preferred Camilla… ”

Hilarious, Nagui adds a layer: “Ok, it's not just the outer beauty … But I have the impression that Camilla, you still have to delve very, far to find the inner beauty !Not very sympathetic to the Duchess of Cornwall, who remains today, more than two decades after the disappearance of Diana, the unloved of the royal family of England.

Camilla Parker-Bowles, the unloved of the royal family

It must be said that since the car accident in which the Princess of Hearts was killed in August 1997, many have turned against Charles and Camilla. An unfaithful husband and his mistress who are, in the eyes of Lady Diana fans, responsible for all the evils of their idol. For long months, the prince’s current wife even avoided leaving her home so as not to "to take bread in the face ”. A situation amplified by the recent success of the series The Crown, who made some arrangements with the historical facts. Shocked, Stéphane Bern had also wanted to restore the truth about the couple formed by Charles and Camilla.

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