Nagui: the host supports Manu Levy, accused of moral harassment: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

A new host for the NRJ station finds himself in a media storm. After Cauet was removed from the air for accusations of rape and sexual assault, it was Manu Levy who was singled out. Tuesday April 2, 2024, our colleagues from Release unveiled a long investigation which revealed that the emblematic voice of the NRJ morning show was assigned to the industrial tribunal for moral harassment. In total, four collaborators decided to break the silence and denounce the terrible atmosphere that reigned behind the microphones. “What’s hard is that it’s insidious. It’s a permanent denigration, a little drop of poison every day”explains Isabelle Giami, who was his co-host from 2018 to 2023 before describing him as “a tyrannical boss”. Same story for a former colleague: “He debriefs each passage to assure us that everything we have just said is bullshit.” In the rest of the article, we also learn that Manu Levy would have been “hilarious” after a sexual assault that occurred in his studio. A former host – who wishes to remain anonymous – was allegedly the victim of inappropriate behavior on the part of Nicolas Papon, the host’s right-hand man. “He picks me up and pins me against the studio window. Nicolas rubs against me, on my breasts, miming a sexual act. He growls in my ears. I’m in pain and I start screaming to stop. But he continues. When he finally releases her, the two accomplices are laughing. The other witnesses are stunned. I leave and, arriving at the end of the corridor, I cry […] I felt super dirty, I was ashamed.”

Nagui on Manu Levy: “Often in self-deprecation, never in aggression or insult”

In all this media turmoil, Manu Levy was able to count on the support of some of his peers. This is particularly the case for Nagui. The host of Do not forget the lyrics, who worked with him for two years from 2006 to 2008 on Europe 2 posted a message on his account Instagram Tuesday April 2, 2024. “I worked for more than two years every day with @manuofficiel and I admired his strength of creativity, his desire to work tirelessly, his high standards and his tplv #toutpourlavanne often in self-deprecation never in aggression or insult him. Full support to you Manu”. Faced with these accusations, Manu Levy agreed to respond to Release and proclaimed his innocence, without denying his demand: “I am demanding, precise, rigorous, but I have never looked down on anyone. I can make ‘sneaks’ in the studio, but never with the aim of making fun”, he assures. For the moment, Manu Levy remains presumed innocent of the facts with which he is accused and the host of 6/10 on NRJ returned to the station’s studios from this Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

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