Natman diet to lose weight, a bad idea?

Losing a lot of weight in a short time is the promise made by the Natman diet. What is its principle? Isn't it dangerous for health? What are the foods to consume or, on the contrary, to avoid? What menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Here is all the information to know before getting started … or not!

What is the Natman diet?

The Natman diet is a diet. The promised results are impressive: this diet would help lose an average of 4 pounds in 4 days. Wow! It was because of this very short delay that it was renamed the “flight attendant regime”. Originally, it was considered that, during their stopover, the crew on board took advantage of their return to dry land to eliminate the excess food committed during the flights.

"It's a diet low calorie and based on high protein consumption ", says Delphine Charret, dietitian-nutritionist. This very restrictive diet aims to minimize fat and carbohydrate intake for four days, which results in a decrease in calorie intake. A low-calorie diet aims to limit daily energy intake between 1,000 and 1,600 kcal per day.

Three meals a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, are authorized as part of the Natman diet. Avoid snacking, however. Hydration is essential. "You have to drink 1.5 liters of water a day", specifies the specialist. At the end of these four days, "It is necessary to continue with a restrictive low-calorie diet for a week". Then, a stabilization phase takes place. The goal is for the body to gradually return to its normal rhythm.

What foods are allowed and prohibited with the Natman diet?

The Natman diet shows itself to say the least restrictive. During these four days, it is recommended to eat no carbohydrates, that is to say neither starchy foods nor fast sugars, nor lipids – or "no fat even if they are good fats ", specifies Delphine Charret-, neither dairy products, nor dishes in sauce and to avoid seasoning its food with oil.
Industrial and processed products should be banned. Drinking alcohol is, of course, excluded.
"It's about consuming fiber with every meal." Poultry, eggs, white fish, lean meat, unsweetened fruit, seafood and green vegetables then become your best allies.

Can anyone do the Natman diet?

The Natman diet, like most weight loss diets, is prohibited for children, the elderly and pregnant women. Diabetics and people who do not suffer from structural needs to lose weight should also not have recourse to this diet.
It also seems formally not recommended for people with fragile intestines, specifies the author of this diet. In all cases, it is best to ask your doctor or a nutrition professional for advice before starting any diet. Especially as restrictive and express!

What are the pros and cons of the Natman diet?

"There is no real risk in following the Natman diet", informs the nutritionist-dietitian "Because this diet is short." Admittedly it would be almost like a kind of fasting if it did not give pride of place to proteins.
Some nutrition professionals recommend taking vitamin and mineral supplements to avoid possible deficiencies, even if the risk is very low.
Good to know : Other professionals prefer to promote a balanced diet rather than artificial supplementation and with sometimes doubtful and unproven effects.
More info on the most common deficiencies in France on Doctissimo.

> With this diet, significant and rapid weight loss. "It is, above all, a loss of water from muscle mass and toxins (waste) from the body and not from fat, specifies Delphine Charret before adding: It is a very restrictive diet both in terms of time and the amount of food consumed. It results in a intense fatigue, because it contains neither fat nor carbohydrates. "
> Also watch out for the yoyo effect. "A weight gain seems inevitable after four days. "
> The Natman diet can also cause digestive disorders. In question, the consumption of many fruits and vegetables and therefore of fiber.

What advice before starting the Natman diet?

"This diet is not necessarily suitable for long-term weight loss, warns Delphine Charret. Better to bet on a rebalancing food by being accompanied by a nutrition professional. ” Note that it is better to restrict or even stop all physical activity during the four days of diet. Activity may resume normally during the stabilization period.

What menus for four days?

If you still want to get started:
Here are the typical menus, morning, noon and evening, recommended by the author of the Natman diet himself:


Breakfast: Coffee or tea without sugar at will and ½ grapefruit,
Lunch: 1 grilled steak, Lettuce, Tomato salad, 1 apple,
Dinner: 2 hard-boiled eggs, Green beans, ½ grapefruit


Breakfast: Coffee or tea without sugar at will and ½ grapefruit
Lunch: 1 grilled steak, Lettuce, 1 large glass of tomato juice
Dinner: Zucchini or cauliflower, Green beans, Unsweetened applesauce


Breakfast: Coffee or tea without sugar at will and ½ grapefruit
Lunch: 1 grilled steak, Lettuce, Celery salad, 1 apple
Dinner: Grilled chicken, Steamed tomatoes, 1 large glass of prune juice


Breakfast: Coffee or tea without sugar at will and ½ grapefruit
Noon: 2 hard-boiled eggs, Green beans, 1 glass of tomato juice
Evening: 1 grilled steak, Lettuce, 1 glass of pineapple juice without sugar

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