Natural Make-up: Subtle and flawless

Natural makeup
Radiant complexion without make-up

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Do you want a natural make-up that makes you look like you don’t have make-up on? These tips will help you!

You want to underline your natural beauty without putting on too much make-up? Then natural makeup just right for you. With these instructions, the make-up not only feels light as a feather on the skin, it also looks the same. “My Skin But Better” is the motto here.

Natural makeup: Skin preparation is crucial

For a natural and even complexion proper preparation of the skin before make-up is crucial. After cleaning, you should take these steps that will give you the legendary “glow” that doesn’t look greasy on the skin.

  1. Carries a exfoliating toner on. It neutralizes the pH value, removes dead skin cells and makes your skin glow.
  2. Then follows a essencewhich with its liquid texture is immediately absorbed by the skin and provides feather-light moisture.
  3. A niacinamide serum gives you the “Glass Skin” effect: Your skin reflects the light and looks plump and healthy.
  4. If you have dry skin, you can use one afterwards gel cream Apply water-based to face.
  5. sun protection is not only a must for every day, we also owe it the ultimate glow effect on the skin. When buying, pay attention to a non-greasy formulation that does not whiten.

You’re probably wondering: do you really need all those layers of skincare before makeup? Well, if you do perfect foundation for a beautiful natural make-up, then yes! We deliberately opted for very liquidi.ethin textureswhich are quickly absorbed and therefore do not roll off when applying the make-up – so you can start applying the make-up right away!

6 tricks for natural makeup

When it comes to beauty and make-up, it’s always the little things that count that shape the overall picture. With these 6 professional tricks you create a natural make-up:

  1. Natural eyebrows: Keep the eyebrows as natural as possible. A little eyebrow gel is enough to shape the hairs. If you have small gaps in your eyebrows, fill them in with a very fine eyebrow pencil, but don’t change the shape.
  2. Apply blush: A little blush on the cheeks emphasizes the natural look. Better leave out the bronzer and swap it for a luminous blush that lets you shine naturally.
  3. Rouge as eye shadow: Eye shadow that is too dramatic destroys the natural look. If you want to create a natural eye make-up, then use some rouge as eyeshadow and blend it extensively into the crease of the eyelid with a fluffy brush. A little highlighter in the inner corner of the eye makes the eye make-up perfect.
  4. Replace eyeliner: Eyeliner quickly makes the eye make-up look too harsh. Either leave out the eyeliner altogether or use some brown eyeshadow close to the lash line to create the effect of fuller lashes.
  5. Emphasize the eyes and lashes with mascara: Putting mascara on your lashes opens your eyes and instantly makes you look more awake. If you would like a very natural make-up, swap out your black mascara for brown mascara. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply no more than two layers of mascara – otherwise it will get clumpy.
  6. Subtle lips: For a natural make-up, keep the lips as subtle as possible. Therefore, do not line your lips with lip liner and swap the lipstick for a tinted lip balm.

Complexion: what do I really need?

Every skin and every face is different – so every make-up should be too. When putting on make-up, you quickly lose yourself and think you have to cover up every little supposed imperfection with make-up. That’s why it’s important to sharpen your eyes beforehand and to determine: what do I want to cover up and what do I want to emphasize with make-up?

How important is a foundation?

You don’t necessarily need a foundation. If you have one troubled complexion with redness, pimples or veins is a tinted serum or one BB cream the better choice. It’s better to stay away from foundation, which often covers too much, which can quickly make the make-up look clogged. With a light opacity the product covers the skin like a veil of evenness and perfects the complexion.

The result will be especially natural if you first apply some BB cream or tinted serum to your back of Hand gives up in order to be able to dose it better right away. Then with one damp make-up sponge Distribute the product evenly over the face and then pat in gently and thoroughly.

Put on concealer

If you’re happy with the overall look of your complexion, but a few cover imperfections want, you should let go of foundation and BB cream and just for concealer to grab. It is particularly opaque and the smallest amount is enough to make your pimple disappear. Also for eye bags concealer is a true lifesaver: concealer for the area under the eyes a shade lighter choose as the skin tone.

Apply a small amount of the concealer to the back of your hand and apply the product with the ring finger focused on the area to be covered. Now fade in the concealer with dabbing movements. If the coverage is not enough for you, you can build up the concealer in thin layers. Finally, blend the edges with a damp make-up sponge.

Fix with powder

Powder fixes the make-up and ensures a long durability. However, a lot of powder makes the make-up less natural – it often lies on the skin and makes the look look very “made up”.

Therefore – if necessary – use a very finely ground one mineral powder, which you apply with a large and loosely tied brush. You can do it under the eyes powder apply more concentrated with a smaller brush so that it does not slip into the wrinkles. Finally, for a particularly natural look, pat the powder in again with the make-up sponge.

trick: Do you really want your make-up to melt into your skin? Then spray at the endMakeup fixing crap (Face Spray) with a very fine spray head when you’re done applying makeup. Then again with the Beauty sponge the products gently tap in.

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