new gameplay that promises some very heavy stuff

This year’s Tokyo Game Show may not have had as many followers as hoped, but it nevertheless allowed us to discover a little more about some highly anticipated games. In addition to Capcom, its presentations and its announcement around Monster Hunter, Xbox was also present on site for yet another seduction operation in the territory. Among the other guests at the event, we also find Square Enix, a regular at TGS, who came with some visuals of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirthaka FF7 Remake 2.

FF7 Rebirth revealed at Tokyo Game Show

During a very long presentation, the panel present on site let us see a few minutes of gameplay here and there. In particular, we were able to discover a little exploration of this real/false open world, on foot but also on the back of a chocobo. These will now be captureable via a mini-game. FF7 Remake 2 will offer players the opportunity to explore more than in the previous installment. Something that our national Tiny_Ellie also noted during her gaming session on this FF7 Rebirth. Difficult to say how the world of this new FF will be constructed. Here, the meadow area presented in the video is a few kilometers long, and other environments will certainly be included. In any case, the panel affirmed that the villages and other dungeons will be interconnected and without any loading time.

The sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake wows us

The gameplay session will also let us see how Materias work, always at the heart of the gameplay, and several fights. Here again, we are on something very similar to the first episode, but the result seems very promising. It’s ultra dynamic, the effects are legion and it exudes class at every moment. Note that in FF7 Remake 2, it will be possible to carry out coordinated attacks with our teammates. Not only are these attacks destructive, but as a bonus they are skillfully staged. Even if the video clearly doesn’t do it justice, the game looks particularly good. In any case, artistically successful as the first FF7 Remake of the name could have been.

We will quickly get to the bottom of it anyway since Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is expected for February 29, 2024 on PS5. Just a few more weeks to go!

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