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News in the video: dentist despite Corona – that's how an online examination works

In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, online advice at the dentist is very trendy. So also with dentist Efthimios Giannkoudis. He is the owner of the Düsseldorf dental practice "360Grad Zahn".

Virtual office hours are established

Online advice has been available here for a year and a half, and now this video consultation is particularly well attended. "We can find out relatively well together with the patient on the PC whether this is a case that should be urgently called to emergency services or whether it is perhaps a thing that can wait a bit. So we also try to avoid unnecessary gears to avoid the street or to the dentist. " But even in practice on site there have been changes in the past few days and weeks to adapt to the current situation. The staff are briefed and the area of ​​the reception and all areas that are touched are permanently disinfected. Patients do not have to wait for their treatment in practice, but are informed via a pager system that they are on the move. And yet Giannkoudis is not entirely happy. "Sometimes protective masks go away on Ebay for 40, 50 euros. But these are things that are needed in the practices. That means that the practices need support, they need materials, they need support from the suppliers, that things are relatively prompt We still have enough stock here because we are also a larger MVZ, a medical care center, but there are many practices that could not or cannot plan so far in advance. It really is that would be a huge help if the support came more. " Despite Corona – treatment continues in this dental practice in Düsseldorf.

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