News tip Primalist Last Epoch: Beastmaster, Druid, Shaman… Discover all the classes and archetypes

News tip Primalist Last Epoch: Beastmaster, Druid, Shaman… Discover all the classes and archetypes

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Do you want to get closer to nature and have opted for a character from the Primalist class on Last Epoch? In this article, we present to you the three subclasses that you will be able to choose with the strong and weak points.

The Primalist on Last Epoch

As we have just told you, the common point of the different specializations of the Primalist on Last Epoch is that for each, he will call on the powers of nature. However, as you might expect, it will be a different facet each time.

Whether via direct invocations, using totems, transformations into creatures or even into unleashing the forces of nature directly on your enemies, you’re going to have a class that is powerful and generally pretty simple to equip.

The Master of Beasts, never in battle without his wolves

Let’s start with the Beastmaster who, as his name suggests, will fight his enemies using beasts and more particularly wolves in our case. The idea will be not only to invoke them, but in addition to applying buffs to them, particularly on damage.

But there’s more to this subclass than just summoning beasts that will do the job for you. No, you also have abilities that allow you to throw yourself body and soul into the fray and distribute a few blows. In short, we have a class which:

  • Is based on invocations that you will be able to buff
  • But which can be a little hard to manage, especially at the beginning
  • Still remains active and allows you to enter the fray
  • Doesn’t really have a big slump when leveling

Primalist Beastmaster build idea

The Druid, to transform yourself into an animal

As we have just seen, the Beastmaster will call on a pack of wolves to fight alongside him, but if you want to expand the bestiary, we can advise you to turn to the Druid subclass but this time, the animal will be you!

Indeed, you will have a whole arsenal of transformations which will allow you to make varied attacks. For example, you will be able to inflict snake bites to poison or transform yourself into a bear. In summary, we have a class which:

  • Allows you to transform into different animals with an interesting arsenal
  • Fairly easy to equip and with good damage
  • But who can miss a little at the start of your adventure?

Primalist Druid build idea

The Shaman to use nature to your advantage

If until now the subclasses that we have presented to you take advantage of animals, whether by invoking them or simply by taking their form, we will now focus on the Shaman who will base himself on the powers of nature and which is one of the easiest classes to play in Last Epoch.

For this, it will be able to base itself on totems, but like the two previous subclasses, he will also have some summons of animals and creatures to help him, as well as a Spriggan transformation on hand. In summary, we have a class which:

  • Is easy to play and itemize and therefore perfect for beginners
  • Does not lack damage, except at the very beginning of the adventure
  • Is rather tanky, although it is not to be played as a pure tank

Primalist Shaman build idea

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