News video: Single mother gets surprise in crisis

Single mother gets a huge surprise in quarantine

Surprise: the mother would not have expected this package in the middle of the crisis.


Alone at home with two children suffering from Covid-19, and that for Christmas of all times – for a mother from Houston, a bad year seemed to end particularly badly. But then the doorbell rang …

Lisette LeJeune had somehow imagined her run-up to Christmas to be different. It was foreseeable that she would not simply be able to visit friends and family this year due to the coronavirus restrictions – but the single mother had not expected that she and her two sons would fall ill with Covid-19 and go into quarantine. And so she spent her time, completely cut off from the outside world, caring for her sick children, even though she was also badly affected by her infection. Family members only occasionally left food and medicine at their door. In order to protect her postman from being infected by her mailbox, she positioned a bucket in front of her door that she could deliver without touching it.

Hard times, big surprise

In the middle of these hard times, the doorbell suddenly rang – and Lisette experienced a surprise that she would never have expected. "At first I thought it might be someone from the family who wanted to bring me something," the mother later told the American news program "Good Morning America". "But normally they would have sent a message or called beforehand." Instead of her family, Lisette discovered a package on her doorstep, filled with several cans of chicken soup, orange juice, crackers, biscuits – and a greeting card. "Best wishes" was written on it. "I hope you all feel better" – signed by the postwoman.

Helpful gesture, just to be nice

This package hadn't cost a lot of money, but the gesture was invaluable to Lisette – especially since she had really hardly had any contact with her postman. "What really touched me was the idea of ​​how she finished packing the bag the morning before work or the evening before," Lisette later told "Good Morning America". "That she had us in mind so specifically when planning her day". Not a big deal for the postwoman herself, as she later says – but for the single mother, this helpfulness of a complete stranger in the middle of the crisis was the best surprise of the year.