NFL BIOSCIENCES: Agreement to grant its patent on NFL-101 in Europe and validation of the clinical development plan for NFL-101 by the EMA – 06/21/2023 at 18:15

NFL BIOSCIENCES (Euronext Growth Paris – FR0014003XT0 – ALNFL), a biopharmaceutical company developing botanical drugs for the treatment of dependencies and addictions, announces that it has received approval from the European Patent Office for the issuance of its patent (17 716 853.1 ) relating to NFL-101, a botanical drug candidate composed of natural proteins extracted from tobacco leaves, free of nicotine, and primarily intended for smoking cessation. This patent will protect the innovation on which NFL-101 is based until 2036 in 17 European countries. At the same time, the EMA (European Medicines Agency), as part of the request for scientific advice initiated by NFL Biosciences, validated the clinical development plan for NFL-101.

Agreement to grant its patent on NFL-101 in Europe

NFL Biosciences has adopted a knowledge management and protection strategy that has led it to file three families of patents granting it exclusivity for its drug candidate NFL-101. This product patent from the second family of patents, initially filed and approved in France, China, South Korea and the United States, relates to an “aqueous extract of tobacco leaf and its use for the treatment of addiction “.

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