NFL Biosciences: decision to grant its patent in China

Photo credit © Reuters

( — NFL BIOSCIENCES, a biopharmaceutical company developing botanical drugs for the treatment of dependencies and addictions, announces that it has received approval from the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) for the issuance of its patent (Chinese application no. 201780033409 .5) relating to NFL-101, a botanical drug candidate composed of natural proteins extracted from tobacco leaves, free of nicotine, and primarily intended for smoking cessation. This patent will protect the innovation on which NFL-101 is based until 2036 in China.

NFL Biosciences has adopted a knowledge management and protection strategy that has led it to file two families of patents granting it exclusivity for its drug candidate NFL-101. This product patent, initially filed and approved in France, relates to an “aqueous extract of tobacco leaf and its use for the treatment of addiction”. The innovation on which NFL-101 is based is thus protected until 2036 in France, the United States and therefore soon in China. National registration applications are also under review in the following regions and countries: Japan, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, Philippines, Eurasia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates , Nigeria.

China is the country with the largest number of smokers, with over 300 million, and where about 50% of the male population are smokers. If nothing is done, deaths due to smoking-related cancers should increase by 44% among men between 2020 and 2040, which would represent an excess mortality of 8.6 million deaths in 20 years1. The reduction of smoking is a national issue, it is integrated into the heart of the “Healthy China” initiative which aims to improve the health of the Chinese population and which has the particular objective of reducing the overall smoking rate to 20% of here 2030.

“Nearly one in three cigarettes smoked in the world is smoked in China. Having a product patent gives us strong protection to roll out our strategy over the next few years. This patent reinforces the protection of innovation on which our drug candidate NFL-101 is based in China, a country that is one of the key markets targeted in the global approach deployed by NFL Biosciences. It was very important for us to hold a solid intellectual property in this market with great potential” declared Bruno Lafont, Deputy CEO and co-founder of NFL Biosciences.


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