No-make-up look: skilfully underline the natural beauty

Hardly any celebrity wears the no-make-up look as consistently as singer Alicia Keys ("Alicia"). The 39-year-old decided a few years ago to make a statement for more naturalness. But she has not completely sworn off powder, mascara and Co. In an interview in 2017, she said: "I'm not a slave to make-up, but I'm also not a slave to no-make-up. I can make up my mind every moment." If you share Key's view and would also like to go through life with a natural look, you will find it here.

Step by step to a natural look

The no-make-up look is ideal for everyday wear. The most important thing is not to use bright colors and to use foundation, mascara and Co. much more economically than an evening make-up would require. Instead, the desired natural effect is achieved with soft brown and nude tones.

The basis for the no-make-up look is an oil-free moisture serum that smoothes fine lines and makes the skin supple. Then either a tinted day cream or a little foundation can be used. However, the latter should only be applied where it is really needed. This economical use allows the natural skin color to continue to shine through and the styling does not look mask-like. It is all the more important to blend the transitions cleanly. A colorless powder can also help with oily skin.

Light tones conjure lightness

To emphasize the natural beauty, mostly bright colors should be brought into play. So it is recommended to use brown instead of black mascara. The best way to avoid unnatural lumps and glued eyelashes is to use only the lower part of the lash line. If you also want to shape your eyebrows, you can brush them and fix them with a colorless eyebrow gel.

Bronzer provides the desired glow. Two things apply here: less is more and only apply in the right places. For the natural day look, the bronzer should find its way onto the cheekbones – not below. Highlights on the forehead, nose and chin conjure up a complexion kissed by the sun. The no-make-up look is rounded off by lip balm or colorless gloss.