No next-gen on PC for NBA 2K24

It seems that 2K is looking to make enemies since the next NBA 2K24 is still not on next-gen for its PC version. In effect, a leak (English source) of a commercial document presenting the contents of NBA 2K24 places the PC version in old-gen. The PC version is also not listed in the special versions of NBA 2K24 during the official cover presentation with Kobe Bryant.

The basketball game is the last major sports franchise to still shun the next-gen on PC, offering a kind of copy-paste for three years. Even though EA now offers the next-gen on Fifa And Madden 24the NBA 2K franchise continues to drop in fan esteem on PC with this decision.

No next-gen on PC for NBA 2K24

Present since the opus 2K21, the next-gen version of the basketball game has remained exclusive to the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. Bringing better graphics, more complete animations and additional game modes, the next-gen also benefits from a better anti-cheat system. Also, players think the servers perform better for the next-gen version of NBA 2K games.

However, if the developers are also working on the old-gen version, this one seems more like an annual update (see our test of NBA 2K23 on PC) than anything else. We are therefore entitled to updated staff, some new game modes and changes to the gameplay. However, all this remains more or less limited, especially since the graphic and physical aspect have hardly changed for a few years.

Worse, the PC version of NBA 2K is now full of cheaters in its online modes, greatly limiting the interest of the game. These have been present en masse for a few years (see our test of NBA 2K22 on PC) and it is hard to see how the new opus could change this situation.

If this absence of next-gen is confirmed by the studio, it seems difficult to advise you NBA 2K24 if you plan to play it on PC.

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