“Now that we know the extent of sexual crimes committed by religious, let’s dissolve the Catholic Church! “

Un little more than a month after the resounding publication of the river report on sexual violence in the Catholic Church since 1950 (330,000 victims, i.e. 13 per day on average), the French Bishops’ Conference has announced the establishment of a ” of repair “ and a victim compensation fund financed from Church property. Yes, knees on the ground, the Church intends to buy the crimes that it has hushed up for decades – 2,500 euros for touching, 25,000 euros for rape? No responsible bishop has resigned. In the Senate, we only insist on reforms to be made in the recruitment of priests.

The aptly named “Sauvé commission” (named after the chairman of the independent commission on sexual abuse in the Church, Jean-Marc Sauvé) should not save the Church, but save honest believers, by signing its bankruptcy filing moral. She describes a phenomenon “Massive” and “Systemic”. Our historic responsibility is to have allowed the Catholic Church to commit and hide for decades this pedophile violence. Now that we know, now that witnesses have been heard and that the figures of ignominy are making headlines, let us act: let us dissolve the Catholic Church without further delay! When an institution knows and is silent, it becomes an accomplice of criminals, and therefore criminal itself.

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Only this solution appears salutary and dignified, in the eyes of the Republic as of the faith. What a child raped by a person who guarantees moral authority in his eyes, a predatory priest called “father”, loses is not his only present, where everything collapses, it is also the future, which no longer becomes possible other than in fear and mistrust, and it is also the past, where everything that was certain and wanted to be reassuring becomes deception and lies. Often accompanied by grip, abuse of all kinds and harassment, the rape of the child is murder without a corpse – murder of innocence, of purity, of belief. It is humanly unforgivable.

Living contradiction

And to love God, is it not also to love the men who gave their lives to serve him? By betraying an entire community, by breaking the sincerity of the hearts of thousands of believers, the religious pedophiles betrayed in the first place their faith and their god. They become a living contradiction.

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Dissolving the Church in France will appear as “naive” or “utopian” to all those who have been fed on the cocorico narrative of France “eldest daughter of the Church”, with its steeples in genetic heritage. Utopia and naivety are however on their side. More prosaically, they imagine a sports federation convicted of having committed and hidden hundreds of thousands of rapes of children and whose leaders underestimate or justify this publicly, or even price their abominable abuses through an ad commission. hoc. Would they say that wanting to dismantle this organization is part of a “naive” or “utopian” reasoning? This would in no way prevent people from continuing to practice their sport!

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