Octogenarian Alsace hit with a hammer in Strasbourg: her husband found dead in the Ill river

The body of the husband of an 87-year-old woman, suffering from Alzheimer’s and seriously injured with a hammer at the beginning of January in Strasbourg, was fished out of the Ill, the river which waters the Alsatian capital, report The latest news from Alsace.

The body, fished out on January 30 near a bridge, was identified thanks to “odontology” examinations, said the prosecution. Investigations are continuing to determine the cause of death of this 85-year-old man, who had not been found since the incident.

On January 3, worried about not having any news, a home nurse had discovered the octogenarian seriously injured and bleeding in various parts of the body.

Hospitalized, she had lost an eye

She had been hospitalized and lost an eye. A hammer was present next to his bed on which there were traces of blood.

A call for witnesses for “worrying disappearance” had been launched by the police.

No complaint for violence had ever been filed against the victim’s husband. According to the couple’s son, his mother had previously been violent towards her husband because of his illness.

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