Offset and Cardi B: Proud rapper shares sweet baby picture from the hospital

Offset and Cardi B
Proud rapper shares adorable baby picture from the hospital

Offset and Cardi B have become parents again.

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Cardi B and Offset have become parents again. After mom got in touch, dad also posted a picture with the baby.

The rapper couple Cardi B (28) and Offset (29) have had their second child together. This was announced by the new mother on Monday on Instagram. Her husband also joined and shared a cute picture from the hospital. It doesn’t just show Cardi B in her bed. The rapper, on whose upper body the new citizen is lying, is also close by.

Cardi B stated on the platform that the child was born on September 4th. In a statement, which is available to the US magazine “People”, the two confirmed that the baby was a boy. Many fans had already assumed that before. “We are delighted to finally meet our son,” said the rappers. The couple couldn’t wait to introduce the little one to their siblings.

The fifth chapter

“Chapter five,” wrote Offset about his picture. He’s probably alluding to the fact that the boy is already his fifth child. Kulture (3), the couple’s daughter, was born in 2018. The rapper also brought three children into the relationship. The two musicians have been married since 2017. Last year Cardi B wanted to get a divorce from Offset, but later stated that a divorce was off the table.