Oliver Sanne: "Celebrity boxing" winner reports back the morning after

Ex- "Bachelor" Oliver Sanne is happy about the "double victory" in the "Promiboxen". He also shows how dark blue his eye has become.

It was a short night. Ex- "Bachelor" Oliver Sanne (33) reports already a few hours after his victory against ex- "Love Island" participant Yasin Cilingir (29) at the "Das große Sat.1 Promiboxen" Saturday night and the subsequent marriage proposal for his girlfriend Jil Rock (28) returned to his followers via Instagram stories.

"The morning after. I went to bed completely drunk. I didn't even make it into the shower. I'll have a nice shower now," he lets his followers know at around 8:30 am. They also get to see the unvarnished truth, because Sanne's black eye has become even darker over the course of the night. His comment on it: "The moment when you feel like 'Rocky': You won, but you definitely look the worst."

And about the romantic part of the evening – the successful marriage proposal – he says with a laugh: "My girlfriend … my fiancée, she's still in bed." He is very, very happy that everything went so well. "A double victory, so to speak".

"Das Große Sat.1 Promiboxen": Who else won?

There were a total of five fights on "Das große Sat.1 Promiboxen". In addition to Sanne, Carina Spack (24), Gisele Oppermann (32), Marcellino Kremers and Matthias Mangiapane (36) also prevailed in the ring. The next issue can be seen live on Sat.1 on September 25th at 8:15 pm.