On a major construction site – the truck suddenly overturned: workers seriously injured

A serious accident occurred on Saturday morning on a large construction site on the Reisseck. A truck with two occupants suddenly overturned, seriously injuring the men. Two rescue helicopters were in action.

A 31-year-old truck driver from Wolfsberg was busy with his colleague, a 51-year-old Styrian, on a large construction site on the Reißeck lake plateau in the municipality of Mühldorf in the early Saturday morning hours. The vehicle with the two men inside suddenly overturned around 4:40 a.m. The workers were seriously injured and had to be rescued from the truck by the fire services.

After initial emergency medical care at 2,300 meters above sea level, the men were brought to the UKH and Klagenfurt Clinic in the C11 and C7 rescue helicopters.

The volunteer fire brigades Mühldorf, Möllbrücke, Obervellach, Lendorf and Hühnersberg as well as the mountain rescue were in action.