Operation in Oberwart – 29 rally racers flashed at up to 235 km/h

Dangerous rally on public roads: 29 car freaks thundered through the Burgenland district of Oberwart at up to 235 kilometers per hour. The police were able to stop a Porsche driver, the other speeders escaped across the border to Hungary.

The desire to take risks and a cheeky cat-and-mouse game with the police make car enthusiasts step on the gas unbridled. Speed ​​fighters from the Netherlands and Belgium got this dangerous adrenaline rush at the five-day Ramble Rally, which still runs across Europe to this day. Man in the Porsche too fastThe Oberwart motorway police inspectorate 29 participants on their hell of a ride from the Schachendorf border crossing along the B63 towards Großpetersdorf. The first speeder who fell into the speed trap was a Porsche driver. Instead of the permitted 100 km/h, he sped past the law enforcement officers near Rechnitz at 202 kilometers per hour. A manhunt was initiated immediately, and shortly afterwards the wanted sports car driver was stopped – his Dutch driver’s license is gone! After a fine, the traffic offender’s companion was allowed to get behind the wheel and the tour continued. Flashed at more than 200 km/h Another 28 cars with Ramble Rally start numbers raced past the police on the B63 – at up to 235 km/h ! They could not be stopped and checked, but after evaluating the radar images, the Oberwart district authority reported them. “In eight cases, the driving licenses should have been taken immediately,” said the executive. Incidentally, the next date for the almost breakneck Ramble Rally has already been set. In the so-called spring edition from May 22 to 26, 2023, car freaks want to make the streets across Europe unsafe again. “Uitverkocht” means in Dutch on the Internet: “Sold out!”
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