Oscars 2021: The ceremony should take place as usual – with an audience

Oscars 2021
The award ceremony should take place as usual – with an audience

The Oscars should also be received in person in 2021. But the question still arises as to how this should work.

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A virtual Oscar ceremony where the winners have to cheer via zoom? According to the Academy, that will definitely not happen in 2021.

The upcoming 93rd edition of the Oscars in the coming year has already been postponed by around two months to April 25th. Whether this extended window of time will be sufficient to get a grip on the coronavirus, which is particularly violent in the USA, is currently still in the stars. Nevertheless, the Academy and the broadcasting US broadcaster ABC are obviously certain that a traditional award ceremony will be possible again by then. The Oscars with audience, nominees, laudators and presenters "will take place", the US site "Variety" quotes a spokesman for the organizers.

As a result, there are still no plans to hold the Oscar ceremony virtually via zoom, as has recently been the case at other events. But it will probably still be impossible in April to occupy all of the 3,400 seats in the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles – and therefore also impossible to get all the stars down there. One is currently thinking about it, there are "several options".

Because the film and cinema industry was virtually at a standstill in the past few months, a decision was made to make various changes in the course of the upcoming award ceremony. For example, films that only started after December 31, 2020 can be submitted. The new deadline is now February 28, 2021. It was also decided that works may be taken into account that premiered not in the cinema but on a streaming service, such as Disney's "Mulan".