Ottfried Fischer: The wedding bells are supposed to ring this year

"At 66, that's where life begins" – not only Udo Jürgens (1934-2014) knew that. At this age, cabaret artist Ottfried Fischer is also ready to take another significant step. As he is supposed to have told the newspaper "tz", he wants to marry his longtime "companion" Simone Brandlmeier in church next autumn – after 13 years together.

Accordingly, the wedding should take place in Regensburg and count around 100 guests. Brandlmeier is quoted as having pragmatic reasons that the wedding will not take place in her adopted home of Passau: "There would never have been a location like this for over 100 guests." A practical side effect is that her sister is based in Regensburg and should act as a maid of honor. Accordingly, according to the report, his brother Werner is said to be the best man for Fischer.

"We optically marry like a classic bride and groom – in white and black. It's just a question of who wears white and who black," jokes the former "Der Bulle von Tölz" star. It is the second marriage for both.