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Practical, handy, compact and comfortable, the rods stroller has it all. To be used from 6 months, some models are suitable for birth. But how do you choose the right stroller? Here is our favorite selection of the best models.

Lightweight but also easy to store and transport, the cane stroller is loved by parents. Its compact size means you can take it anywhere – by car, train or plane! As the name suggests, this 2nd age stroller takes the shape of a cane when folded.
Recommended for children from 6 to 9 months old, some models adapt and are suitable from birth. There are many models, all equipped with similar functions. Here is our selection of the best cane strollers. It is based on several criteria such as:

  • The weight
  • The age of the child
  • The folding system
  • The price
  • Comfort
  • Security
  • The quality

1. The Hauck sport cane stroller: the lightest

This 5.9 kg Hauck stroller is a real featherweight. Handy and practical, it is equipped with swivel wheels on suspensions and is suitable from birth. The reclining backrest and adjustable headrest ensure optimal comfort. Convertible into a carrycot, the seat can recline in a supine position for newborns. Thanks to its easy folding, this stroller will become a real travel companion!

Characteristics :

  • 18 kg maximum
  • Suitable from birth
  • Adjustable footrest
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Complies with safety standards
  • Swivel wheels
  • Brakes on the wheels
  • Dimensions open: 100 height x 75 length x 45 width cm
  • Dimensions closed: 81 height x 24 length, 45 width cm
  • Weight: 5.9 kg

Our opinion :
Suitable for baby seats, this product folds and unfolds easily. Ultra compact when folded, this Hauck stroller does not take up space and can be easily stored in the car. In addition to an affordable price, its weight is a real asset: 5.9 kg! Equipped with brakes and a 5-point safety harness, this Hauck stroller guarantees safe rides.

2. The Bébé Confort Lara 2 cane stroller: the most compact

This 6.4 kg Bébé Confort stroller will accompany you everywhere, including on the plane! Lightweight, manoeuvrable and compact, it folds with just one hand thanks to a press stud located under the handlebars. Compatible with a car seat, it can be used from birth up to 4 years!

Characteristics :

  • Rain cover included
  • Compatible with car seat
  • Up to 4 years
  • Accepted as hand baggage on the plane
  • Ultra compact
  • Weight: 6.4 kg
  • 2 baskets
  • 3 backrest recline positions
  • padded and breathable seat
  • washable cover
  • Brakes on the wheels
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Wheels on shock absorbers
  • Folded dimensions: 50 height x 50 width x 25 length cm

Our opinion :
This high-end stroller represents excellent value for money. Compatible from birth, you can take it everywhere, both by car and by plane. The 2 baskets offer the possibility to carry change, snacks and other items. The seat cover is a breathable fabric that helps baby regulate his temperature. The 3 backrest recline positions, the padded seat, the 5-point safety harness and the locking wheels ensure safe rides!

3. The Safety 1st Pep cane stroller: the cheapest

The Safety 1st Peps stroller is thin, ultra compact and light. She will accompany you on all your trips! Usable from 6 months, it can support up to 15kg (3.5 years). Wheels on suspensions can be fixed or swivel for cushioned rides.

Characteristics :

  • Ultra compact
  • Fine
  • Fixed or swivel wheels
  • Wheels on suspensions
  • Foldable sun canopy
  • From 6 months
  • Up to 15 kg
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Dimensions open: 96.99 height x 44.49 length x 62.49 width cm

Our opinion :
Very light, this ultra compact stroller will accompany you everywhere. However, it cannot be used as a daily stroller. Very thin and poorly equipped, parents generally use it as a rescue stroller. If you want to take a family vacation without being crowded, this stroller is the one for you!

4. The London Up Chicco cane stroller: suitable from birth

Suitable from birth, this Chicco stroller is practical and adapts to the needs of parents. For more comfort, its rigid backrest can be tilted to 4 positions with just one hand! The adjustable seat and legrest as well as the canopy provide protection and comfort. Practical, it is equipped with an object basket, a rain cover and a safety bar that folds with the stroller!

Characteristics :

  • Auto lock system for compact folding
  • 4-position reclining backrest
  • Adjustable legrest
  • Suitable from birth
  • Up to 15 kg
  • Rain cover included
  • Dimensions open: 104 height x 83 length x 46.5 width cm
  • Closed dimension: 107 height x 54.5 width cm
  • Weight: 7.2 kg

Our opinion :
Solid, practical and light, this stroller is perfect for the city. Easy to fold, it remains compact when folded. However, it is not ideal for carrying its length makes it difficult to store in a car trunk and the lack of a strap makes it impractical to carry.

5. Chicco Liteway 3 cane stroller: the most efficient

The Chicco Liteway 3 stroller combines design and ease of use! Thanks to its foldable umbrella frame, you can fold and store this stroller without any problem. Adapted from birth, she is able to support up to 22 kg! Its rigid backrest, which reclines in 5 positions, allows baby to take a nap during your outings.

Characteristics :

  • Handy
  • Compact
  • Light
  • Convenient
  • From birth
  • Up to 22 kg
  • 5-position reclining backrest
  • Adjustable legrest
  • Rain cover included
  • Dimensions open: 103 height x 87.50 length x 46.5 width cm
  • Dimensions closed: 105 height x 29 width cm
  • Weight: 7.5 kg

Our opinion :
This Chicco stroller has it all: it is light, easy to use, simple to fold, compact and comfortable. In addition, it is suitable for birth and can support up to 22kg! A rare thing for a cane stroller. The only negative point concerns the front wheels. It is possible that they get blocked during your walks.

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Choosing a stroller is not just based on your taste. It is also important to take your child's needs into account. Here are some important points to keep in mind when purchasing a stroller:
– age: some models are suitable for newborns and can accommodate a cosi. Others are only suitable for a child of a certain age (from 6 to 9 months).
– size : age is sometimes not a reliable criterion. Take your child with you on your research.
– the price : set a budget. Strollers are expensive, but some are cheap. They may vary depending on quality, options and brand.
– the available storage space: even if rod pushchairs are light and not cumbersome, it is important to assess its future location: in the trunk of the car, in a closet, in the garage … To do this, check the dimensions of the folded and open stroller as well than the folding system.
– the folding system: the simpler it is, the better. If you're prone to back pain or have a baby in your arms a lot, look for a stroller with a one-handed or automatic folding system.
– comfort : To ensure that baby is properly seated, it is important that the cane stroller has a seat with a reclining backrest (ideally padded), a multi-point safety harness and an adjustable legrest.
– handling: some strollers are equipped with a height-adjustable handlebar and swivel wheels for better use.
– the weight : if your outings include public transport, it is better to opt for a lightweight stroller and preferably made of aluminum.
– Security : Before embarking on the purchase of a stroller, remember to check whether the product includes the following information: NFS 54001 for the French standard.

What accessories to buy for a pushchair?

With the purchase of a stroller, it is not impossible that a few accessories are offered. But if not, what accessories should I buy for a pushchair?

– the rain cover: it offers perfect protection for baby and his seat in the event of rain.
– the changing bag: more than practical, it is essential. It allows you to transport change items and bottles. Many strollers are equipped with a hook for hanging baby's changing bag. If you live in the city, the backpack diaper bag model is more practical and does not clutter the stroller.
– the parasol: if your rod pushchair is not equipped with a hood to protect baby from the sun, buy an umbrella but do not cover the stroller with a towel or blanket! It attaches to one side of the seat or to the top of a cane.
– the activity spiral: entertaining, it entertains baby during your walks and your days outdoors. The system is simple: it wraps around the safety barrier of the stroller.
– the baby board: parents of two small children, this product is for you! With baby in the stroller, you can install your oldest on the board already attached to the stroller canes. Depending on the model, the child will be able to sit or stand. Some brands offer their own accessories, such as Babyzen for their Yoyo strollers.
– a footmuff: not to be confused with the sleeping bag, the footmuff keeps baby warm during your winter walks and protects him from the rain.
– the refreshing seat: made of a refreshing gel, this seat keeps baby cool during hot weather.
– the meal shelf: ideal during picnics, this shelf clips in place of the safety barrier and offers baby the possibility of eating like a grown-up in his stroller!

What are the different types of strollers?

Baby is coming and you have not yet decided on the model of the stroller. Single or double, trio or duo, urban or off-road, there are too many choices. To help you sort out, here is a list of the different models of strollers:
the double stroller : highly sought after by parents of twins, this stroller is revolutionary. Also known as a duo stroller, tandem stroller or twin stroller, it offers the possibility of taking your children for a walk without having to buy two strollers. The choice of seating positions is made according to the age of the children, the needs of the parents and the location of the family.
the 3-wheel stroller: all terrain, this stroller has 3 inflatable wheels larger than those of other models to suit all terrains. The different functions (padded seat, folding, seat positions, reclining backrest, harness) optimize baby's comfort and safety. However, the “urban” 3-wheel pushchair is not all-terrain. Compact, manoeuvrable, light, usable from birth and practical, it is distinguished by a comfortable reclining seat and smaller wheels. Usually foldable with one hand, it fits easily in the trunk of a car.
the cane stroller: much simpler, light, practical, and compact than the other models of strollers, the rod stroller is the best for the city. Sold at a very low price, this model of stroller is also equipped with many functions that offer easy and secure use. Storing the stroller is no longer a chore: when folded it stands upright and its dimensions allow you to store it anywhere. It quickly becomes a travel essential. But it is important to note that cane strollers are suitable for children over 6 months of age only.
the combined stroller: Equipped with a duo or trio pack, this progressive stroller grows with the child. This model of stroller can accommodate a carrycot, a cot and a seat / hammock. Unlike some strollers, this category favors comfort and safety. A little advice for parents tempted to buy a combi stroller: baby grows quickly. The gimbal may not serve you much. So opt for a duo pack and not a trio. Compatible with several types of accessories, these strollers are therefore heavier than average.