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Which laptop sleeve to choose? This accessory is essential today: with the health crisis, the laptop has become a full-fledged office for many of us. To avoid damaging it, protect it with an original and quality computer case.

The flying desk, do you know? For almost a year, teleworking has become a new way of working. Many companies are even considering setting up remote work, or "flex office", after the health crisis. And millennials are 79% wanting to telecommute in the future, according to a study by the Workplace Management Chair published in September 2020. In this context, the laptop, computer in short, is at the center of the day of good workers But, wandered from one place to another, or placed in a bag / satchel, it can quickly deteriorate. It is therefore essential to protect it with a computer cover. But there is no question of choosing a vulgar grayish accessory: our selection is colorful, original and protects your work tool with style.

A good sleeve should first of all fit your type of computer well and its measurements are important. The quality of the material used also matters: neither too thin nor too thick. Which one will you choose?

A Thule molded computer sleeve

We love this teal blue molded cover that will be like an indestructible second skin for your computer, thanks to a rigid outer surface. Thule covers are among the bestsellers and most popular models on shopping platforms. Strict in appearance, it is an anti-breakage weapon.
Count around 43 euros.

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A Stilord leather laptop sleeve

Class for this leather bag from the Stilord brand, which is not only appreciated as a cover, but also as an A4 size speaker. Computer bag or elegant briefcase version, the choice is yours! Its look will allow you to be convincing in front of clients and colleagues.
Indicative price: 60 euros.

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The Lazy Jungle laptop sleeve from Wouf

An air of jungle in the middle of the city. Its 5mm water-repellent foam protection on each side and its security strips will protect your computer from all critical situations. Do not hesitate to discover the other products of the brand coming from Barcelona: pouches, cases and accessories with fresh and modern patterns. Wouf even makes 2 collections per season!
Indicative price: 46 euros

>> Available on the BHV website

A padded laptop sleeve from AtelierBobbie

Sweetness and poetry materialized in a cover capable of putting you in a good mood even on Mondays. Its cotton padding is a cloud of protection for your computer. The Atelier Boobie cover adapts to various computer formats.
Count around 47 euros.

>> Available on the BHV
>> The AtelierBobbie designer shop on Etsy

A nubuck computer cover at Adeqwat

Without hesitation, the best value for money. And this bright red in nubuck is a feast for the eyes. Bonus: the offset zip allows easy and quick opening of the cover.
Indicative price: 39.99

>> Available on La Redoute

The Cherry on the Cake memory stick computer sleeve

Modern as you wish, this sleeve has shape memory and absorbs shocks, which limits the risk of damaging your computer. The 100% organic cotton interior avoids any risk of scratches. Tip: for the first wash, put the machine at 30 ° C.
Count around 45 euros.

>> Available on Smallable

Which subject to favor?

First, determine the level of protection that the sleeve should offer your computer depending on your use. Covers with special foam layers are preferred.

Always compare the dimensions of your laptop with the internal dimensions of the sleeve. From a MacBook to a basic PC, the dimensions change.

What price to set?

Laptop sleeves can cost anywhere from $ 20 to $ 180. So set from the start the budget you want to respect while keeping in mind the specificities required.