Our three favorite recipes spotted on the student's Instagram

Basically, Imane Boun is a young student who offers easy recipes to broke students. That was before it all went off the rails. To avoid participating in this media harassment, we have decided to highlight its initiative and its recipes.

Harassed on social networks following an interview on BFM TV, Imane Boun found herself, despite herself, at the heart of a controversy that masked (and that's a shame) her first intention, which was to offer recipes easy to broke students. Little reminder. On Friday September 11, Imane Boun appeared in a BFMTV video. She returned to the initiative of her Instagram account recipes.echelon7 which tries to help students who, like her, are in a precarious situation. How to eat well with little financial means? That's the whole point of this video. But everything changed when the journalist from Figaro Magazine, Judith Waintraub, retweeted the video from BFMTV, writing: "September 11th." Imane wearing the hijab, the journalist associated her with the attacks of September 11, 2001, in the United States.

On Twitter the outrage was such that this retweet went viral. Many supported Imane by denouncing the racism and Islamophobia displayed by the journalist from Figaro Magazine. She was the subject of a death threat. At the same time, the student was harassed. This case has grown so much that Imane decided to delete his Twitter account and quit social networks for a while.

What if we refocus on Imane's initiative?

In a post seen on Instagram, she thanks the people who supported her this weekend and explains with regret the extent that this video produced with BFMTV has taken: "I read each of your posts and they touch me immensely. They are necessary, because your love and gratitude eclipse their hatred. I am a work-study student trying to help 100,000 students every day. I have no time or energy to give to these cruel people. I am so sad that in all of my work it has been my background and my religion that have been gaining attention these past few days. "

Indeed, it is clear that we have forgotten the reasons for Imane's presence at BFMTV.
recipes.echelon7 is a much needed Instagram account. It helps many students eat healthy and, most importantly, get their fill without breaking the bank. By creating this Instagram account, Imane proves that you can eat with small student savings without using the cordon bleu every night. Lower income and limited means to cook don't stop you from being creative. So what does she offer?

Cooking with the little left in the fridge is possible

The Instagram account created by Imane takes into account all the constraints of a student. We have all known this syndrome of the empty fridge. Some vegetables, some pasta in the cupboard, some ham … How to eat well with the little that remains knowing that it will be difficult to go shopping in the next few days? Imane has the solution and unveils a nameless creativity on recipe.echelon7.

All you have left is butter, white bread, St Morêt, eggs and tuna? You can try the Egg, Tuna and Cheese Bruschetta recipe. As a starter or main course, this recipe will fill your stomach and promise a real treat for the taste buds. It will change from the usual pasta in the pan.

You can be very creative by cooking without an oven

The advantage of the recipes offered by Imane is that they do not require expensive utensils. On the contrary, with the minimum, you can get by with very substantial and creative meals. As she mentions in her interview with BFMTV, there is no need for an oven: two hotplates, a frying pan and a saucepan are more than enough. It's the "survival kit", according to Imane! And despite this limited means, the young woman ensures that we can, all the same, make pizzas. Just do with what you have and replace the oven with a pan. On Instagram, Imane admits that it takes a bit of tinkering, but it doesn't look very complicated. A lid, a frying pan, oil and water … that's more than enough.

Imane's inexpensive dessert ideas

On the sweet side too, Imane's Instagram account offers valuable tips. Again, don't panic if you don't have an oven! You can always look at cold desserts, served in verrines. The banana, lime and mint verrine is the perfect example. Bananas, dried mint, limes and speculos will do the trick. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and the dessert is as mouthwatering as it is healthy.

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